Japan has a great demand for nurses and health care staff from Vietnam

This is the information given at the International Conference on Nursing and Patient Care by the Vietnam Nursing Association, the Nursing Service Consultation Center, and community support in cooperation with the Japanese Hospital Association. held in Hanoi on the afternoon of July 22.

The seminar aimed to exchange and share information on the situation of nursing manpower and elderly care manpower in Japan; exchange information on functions and duties of Japanese nurses, caregivers and Vietnamese nursing candidates are expected to work in Japanese hospitals and nursing homes and share sharing on the hierarchical experience of Patient Care and Care for Aging Patients with Chronic Diseases and Hospice.

Speaking at the seminar, MSc Pham Duc Muc, Chairman of the Vietnam Nursing Association, said that Vietnam is currently the country with the fastest aging population in Asia, 1 out of 10 people is elderly. (from 60 years old and up). Population aging is accompanied by medical care needs, especially nursing care needs. While human resources for nursing currently face 3 challenges: lack of nursing; Nursing immigration and mutual nursing qualifications recognition.

The Government of Vietnam has signed an Agreement on the Recognition of Diploma and Nursing Services within ASEAN and signed a Partnership Agreement on Economic Cooperation with Japan and the Federal Republic of Germany, which includes a provision on nomination. convalesce Vietnam to work, trainees in other countries.

So far, Vietnam has sent to Japan nearly 500 candidates to participate in the internship program as college and university qualified nursing. To promote the nurse dispatch program, the Vietnam Nursing Association has cooperated with other ministries and sectors such as the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, Nagasaki University Japan, and the Asian Human Resource Organization. -AHP Japan to exchange information and research the needs and working conditions of Vietnamese nurses who are intern in Japan

At the seminar, TS. Dr. Noboru Yamamoto, Head of International Cooperation Department of Japan Hospital Association, where nurses from Vietnam, said that there are 32.7 million people over 65 years old in Japan, accounting for 25.75 population. .

In the next 10 years, Japan will need 700,000 nurses and caregivers, while the number of Japanese working in this field is about 300,000-400,000 and a similar shortage needs to be supplemented from abroad, of which huge demand for human resources from Vietnam.

To solve this problem, Japan has put the internship skills to work to supplement the lack of human resources, while if Vietnam sends nurses to Japan, skills will be regained. take care and train future employees.

Currently, Japan is an open market for Vietnamese nurses. However, to become a Japanese nurse, a nurse who graduated from a college or university in Vietnam must pass the Japanese national certification exam to be recognized as a nurse.

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