One interesting way to get an overview of the cultural history of another country is to look at the currencies they currently use. Each country has a different currency unit with extremely unique design patterns. In this article, DANA International will share with you the story surrounding the 5 yen coin which is considered a lucky coin of Japan.

Meaning of 5 yen
The 5 Yen Copper is cast in brass and zinc with a diameter of 22mm, weighs 3.75grams, 1.5mm thick and in particular they have a wide hole in the middle with a diameter of 5mm, which was first cast in 1959. Another interesting fact is that the Japanese Yen 5 is the only currency in the world that does not use Latin letters like other currencies. The 5 Yen copper can also be used to estimate the concentration of neutrons scattered around by measuring the ratio of copper and zinc in it, which is one of the ways Japanese use in times of nuclear radiation exposure.

The front of the 5 Yen copper is a picture of a wet rice branch showing the leading elements in the Japanese economy such as agriculture, forestry, fisheries, gears around the holes representing the industry, the face The latter is printed with Japanese letters and the year of release is separated by a sprout.

  1. Why is the 5 Yen coin a lucky coin?

In the balanced oriental culture of 5, they are connected to the cycle of five elements of metal – wood – water – fire – earth, a country that meets these lists will be a prosperous country. , get rich. Number 5 is the number of Japanese people who are especially fond of, even in Japanese cuisine, they are processed according to 5-color menu, 5 flavors, 5 cooking methods and must be full of 5 colors.

The “magic” luck of the 5 yen coin actually lies in its Japanese pronunciation. The 5 Yen coin has a pronunciation pronounced “Go-En” (五 円). In which Go shows respect, respect and En is the relationship, the connection. The idea is that when you give someone 5 yen, you want them to meet new, better, more sustainable relationships.

According to some legends, those who receive their first salary and put 5 yen in their wallets will not have to think about money later. In Japanese culture, if you put a 5 yen coin inside a wallet to give to someone else, it will show your interest in the recipient.

The 5 Yen coin is small but shows the Japanese culture and people. If you’re lucky to receive a 5 yen anywhere, please be careful. Because it is not simply an inanimate currency but also a very interesting story about the land of cherry blossoms, where there are countless unique and new things.

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