Japan counts down one year to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

NDT – On July 24, in Tokyo, Japan, the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games (Olympic) 2020 officially kicked off a one-year countdown to the largest sporting event on the planet, which will take place next summer. in the Capital of the host country Japan.

Speaking at the ceremony, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe excitedly said that the preparation work for the 32nd Summer Olympics in history is still following the plan, despite the past six years. It’s been passing fast since Tokyo officially received the honor of hosting the 2020 Olympic Games in 2013.

Appreciating the host nation’s preparations, International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach emphasized, Tokyo has guaranteed the best possible work for this work than any city that has ever hosted the Olympics. Assembly.

A year prior to the grand festival, only three Olympic venues were in the final stages of completion, out of a total of 43 venues, including 25 available venues, 10 temporary venues and eight completely newly built venues. . It is expected that the 2020 Olympic Games will witness a record number of sports, including 33 sports with 339 events.

Earlier, earlier this month, the organizers also said that about 3.22 million Olympic tickets were sold to Japanese audiences in the first batch in June. According to initial estimates, about 7, 8 million tickets will be sold for all Olympic events, but this number is expected to soon surpass the nine million mark, showing the great appeal of the Olympic to the Japanese people.

The second batch of tickets for citizens in the Land of the Rising Sun will be held in August, while another three million tickets will continue to be sold in later stages. In addition, about 20-30% of the total tickets will be distributed to international audiences and sponsor representatives. Currently, the huge number of more than 200,000 Japanese people both inside and outside the country register as volunteers at the Olympics is also evidence that the host country citizens are very excited before the sporting event. this size.
During the ceremony yesterday, the organizers also launched the Ambassadors for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch relay, scheduled to kick off in Fukushima and travel to other areas in northeastern Japan, where suffered severe devastation in the double earthquake and tsunami disaster in March 3-2011. Therefore, a “Olympic Games of Reconstruction” is also the slogan of the host country, to prove to the world about the efforts that Japan has made to revive areas damaged by the earthquake. , tsunamis, and nuclear disasters more than eight years ago.

In addition, at the ceremony, the design of the 2020 Olympic medal sample was announced. Accordingly, the design of Junichi Kawanishi, a graphic designer from Osaka was selected in more than 200 entries submitted to the Organizing Committee. The Olympic medals 2020 have a diameter of 85 mm, the front has the image of the Nike goddess in Greek mythology and the Olympic symbol. In particular, these medal models are made of recycled metal, collected from 6.21 million old electronic devices donated by people across Japan.

In addition to the impressive figures mentioned above, the 2020 Olympic Games also encountered a number of difficulties, especially the issue related to organizational funding. According to data released in December last year, the total cost for the 2020 Olympic Games was about 1.35 trillion Yen (12.5 billion USD), much higher than the original estimate of the host country (only at less than seven billion USD). However, this figure is still lower than the cost of $ 13.2 billion for the 2016 Rio Olympics and $ 15 billion at the 2012 London Olympics. In the first hosting of the Olympics in Tokyo in 1964, the host country The house cost about one trillion yen. However, the deficit compared to the expected cost of hosting in the upcoming Olympics could be partially offset by record funding compared to previous Olympics when it surpassed the $ 3 billion mark.

Besides, amid concerns about a record heatwave such as July 2018 which claimed the lives of dozens of people in Tokyo to recur, the host country also plans to strengthen countermeasures. with hot summer temperatures in the summer of 2020, such as shaded areas, air-conditioned lounges and cool showers for athletes, as well as cooling fountains in public areas. .

Tokyo 2020 Olympics will take place from 24-7 to 9-8 next summer, marking 56 years since the Japanese capital hosted the first Olympics in 1964. Japan Olympic Committee The 30 gold medals have also been set for the host nation’s athletes delegation. The 2020 Paralympic Games will take place right after the Olympic Games are closed, from August 25 to 6-9 years later.

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