Health benefits of Wasabi

Among the rich sauces of the land of the rising sun such as dashi, miso, or soy sauce … more popular and familiar with Vietnamese people than perhaps Wasabi – Japanese mustard green.

Mustard is a popular spice all over the world especially for those who can feel the spiciness of this spice that has many health benefits. Referring to mustard, we can’t forget wasabi, Vietnamese people often call it mustard.

This is probably the most famous and popular mustard in the world. Japanese mustard wasabi is made from a vegetable, often called horseradish.

Wasabi mustard is known as a green liquid or powder commonly used as a spice for sashimi, seafood and sushi dishes. However, aside from Wasabi seafood and Sushi mustard is also used for many other Japanese dishes such as peas.

Wasabi mustard is made from a vegetable that has been ground into a liquid like cream, or in a green powder. Widespread Wasabi in liquid form or in powder form, Wasabi powder is mixed with water to become a soft, portable wasabi.

Wasabi has a hot and pungent flavor, that hot feeling will disappear quickly and leave no hot taste in the mouth as long as chili. Wasabi is made from the cruciferous tree of Fuchang.

The ancient Japanese used this kind of cabbage as a spice, like ginger and galangal in Vietnam. Mustard seeds are round in shape, have a hard beige or light yellow skin. When used, people peel off this shell, taking the white core inside.

It is a tough, slightly smelling nut that is used in many dishes. It is also used to make mustard flour. Green mustard grows wildly in the valleys, along the hot springs of cherry blossom country. Not only does Japan have green mustard, this plant also appears in Korea and other Asian territories.

In markets, mustard greens are often sold in their original form. People will grind and process them according to preference before use. People have also processed many different types of mustard such as green mustard, yellow mustard, powder mustard, Dijon mustard … Mustard seeds are considered to have many health benefits because they are low in calories, High nutritional value and many antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

The mustard greens that we use often have been refined with vegetables or other ingredients, into a thick paste, in a small tube or package. a sashimi dish of raw fish and seafood to clearly see the wasabi’s “power”.

Try picking a piece of raw, soft, fresh salmon, dipped in a red apple sauce and wasabi, put it in your mouth. Close your eyes, you can feel a pungent taste rising up your nose, gently dissolve quickly and mingling the sweetness of the salmon slices.

Don’t be too rash, take your time gently to avoid the greasy salmon that slowly melts on the tip of your tongue. The strange thing is that you will not see fishy at all, only recognize the spicy, warm and passionate of wasabi. Guess that raw salmon will make you “dead fond of death” to see!


Some health benefit of Wasabi

Many vitamins

Mustard seeds are a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, fiber, iron, manganese, magnesium, nicain, protein, selenium, zinc and phosphorus. The selenium in mustard is effective in reducing asthma, arthritis and some cancers. Magnesium also helps to reduce asthma and hypertension.

Reduce migraine

Scientists are studying the effect of migraine relief in women who are in the menopause of mustard.

Good for the digestive system

Increasing metabolism, stimulating the digestive system and increasing salivation 8 times higher than normal should help digest food well.
Help reduce diseases in the stomach and digestive system

Prevent cancer

Mustard helps reduce the growth of cancer cells and prevents certain cancers.

Skin diseases

The sulfur in mustard helps treat skin conditions.

Respiratory system diseases

Reducing the development of asthma, relieving sore throat, bronchitis and pneumonia


Mustard helps reduce the symptoms of rheumatism. Mustard has 4 very effective uses: against bacteria, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and has a very good antiseptic effect.

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