Unique with underwater yoga exercises

Aqua Yoga – Water Yoga is different from other normal Yoga classes in that the principles and movements of Yoga will be applied and put into the water environment. Besides, the combination of breathing and relaxing the whole body will bring great effect. So what are the benefits of Yoga exercises?

Help us easily balance
If in normal classes, you have difficulty keeping your balance while doing the movements, then with Aqua Yoga it will be easier for you because the water will somewhat support your body. Once you get used to balancing underwater, performing yoga on land will not be a problem.

You can refer to the Yoga Dancer (Dancer Pose):


-Start with standing posture. Take a deep breath, bend your left leg, so that your foot touches your butt. Your entire body weight is put on your right leg.

-Then stand straight, use your left hand to grip your left hand

-Slowly raise your left leg, lift it away from the floor. Extend the left thigh toward you. Your right arm tries to turn around your head forward, so that it is parallel to the floor.

-Keep the posture for 15-30 seconds and repeat on the opposite foot.
Gentle relaxation to the joints
The underwater yoga exercises will gently affect our joints as well as our whole muscles with just enough force to create muscle tension but not damage the joints, especially the knees, hips and eyes. ankle

You can refer to the Boat Pose


-Sitting on the floor with your feet straight in front of you. Press your hand on the floor, place your hand a little bit behind your hips, fingers pointing towards the foot. Keep your back straight, chest slightly arched. Inhale slowly

-Exhale and fold your legs, then slowly lift your feet off the floor at an angle of 45-50 degrees.

-Place your arms first with your feet, parallel to the floor. If you can’t, keep your hands on the floor next to your hips and keep your balance.
Focus more on movement
One of the special features of underwater yoga is that you do not need to focus all on keeping and balancing movements like Yoga on the ground. Instead, you will focus more on sensing the movement to make it better. For example, ignoring the legs, you will be able to observe the feel of the hips, the abdominal muscles are being tightened as well as the openness of the arms. That will help the body get more benefits than simply doing the movement.

You can refer to the Twised Seated Pose


-Sitting on the floor, back straight, legs crossed, hands placed next to hips.

  • Take a deep breath, straighten your back. Breathe out, turning your upper body back and forth as much as you can to the left. Right hand on the floor, left hand on the right thigh

-Slowly breathe in and out rhythmically, keeping your back straight and feel the impact on your hips and waist with each breath.
Balance the mind and reduce stress
Underwater exercise will help us burn more calories and help improve sleep. The nerves and the whole body will be relaxed but still effective training. Besides, these yoga exercises also help reduce stress and stress as well as partly balance your own mind and body.

You can refer to the Yoga Pose Bow (Bow Pose)


-Place tummy, arms stretched along the body.

-Gently bend your knees. Hands back, pulled at the ankles while breathing in, chest lifted off the ground.

-Two hands clutching the ankles will pull the chest up, creating balance, the whole body bends and stretches like a bow. Continue to breathe deeply while relaxing in this position.
As you can see, the underwater yoga exercises are really interesting and bring a lot of benefits to everyone. Get ready to step out of the rug, jump into the pool today.

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