5 favorite cafes in Shibuya

hello! from GOOD MEALS SHOP
You will find the shop “hello! from GOOD MEALS SHOP “thanks to the” New Open! ” at the entrance. In front of the bar is a counter for shoppers. There you can talk to the friendly bartender while waiting for coffee and receive your order to take away.

The shop also has a small space on the second floor for guests wishing to stay to relax. What is more wonderful than sitting here enjoying a delicious strawberry parfait on the hot summer days.

COFFEE HOUSE NISHIYA is located about 8 minutes walk from Shibuya Station, is a little-known cafe. The outdoor architectural style of the restaurant is reminiscent of a European cafe. On clear days, you can enjoy a drink on the terrace of the bar.

The shop’s favorite drinks are caramel creme and latte coffee prepared by the owner with love and meticulousness. The secret of caramel creme is the combination of caramel and custard made from lots of eggs. In addition, the shop also has a lot of other diverse drinks to choose from, so why not try stopping by here!

The first thing you see when you step into WHITE GLASS COFFEE is a cupboard filled with cakes and lots of other food. You can freely choose the delicious cakes to enjoy. The cafe’s coffee is not merely a usual served drink, but it is a true drink to enjoy. Customers here often come to enjoy and relax at the bar, so this will be a perfect place if you want to find a quiet place to relax on weekends.
In addition to the type of coffee served daily, you can choose Brazilian and Ethiopian coffee.
You should also try this season’s special dish, creme caramel that tastes great with mild bitter caramel sauce.

cafe 1886 at Bosch
@ cafe1886_at_bosch
“Cafe 1886 at Bosch” has a counter with a desk light at the seat. This is the ideal space for you to enjoy your own time, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. With an interior complete with antique Bosch products, the bar offers a retro atmosphere, like a small shelter.
Tropical mille-feuille is only served for a short period of time in the summer. The fragile mille-feuille layers of cake are covered with cream with a highlight of dried pineapple, kiwi. You will feel the blend between the sourness of fruits, fragile crust and fresh cream.

Åre is a cafe located on the first floor of SHIBUYA CAST. The shop has large windows from floor to ceiling so you can feel the breeze blowing through the room. This is the ideal place for you to relax, enjoy the cool atmosphere and breeze. The chairs in the restaurant are arranged far away so you will have a comfortable space for privacy. The location of the bar is also very convenient to move to Shibuya and Harajuku, so if you have the opportunity to come here, please visit this “windy” cafe!

Its signature menu is caramel creme served on silver glasses. This will be an intriguing photo and stimulate the viewer by a bit of fresh cream and cherries decorated above. The “creme caramel a la mode” with seasonal fruits is also a dish you should try when coming to the shop. In addition to the dessert menu, the shop has many other savory dishes for you to choose such as mackerel sandwich … So, having lunch at this cafe is also a reasonable decision!

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