Japan wants to reform the way students learn English

cải cách giáo dục

According to the latest statistics in Japan, more than 70% of high school seniors do not meet English test scores. Before the current economic integration, the Japanese Ministry of Education has made a statement about reforming the teaching of English for students.

So far, Japanese people have always been people who respect traditions. Many cultures and rituals thousands of years ago are still held by the Japanese to this day. This proves that Japanese people attach great importance to the country’s identity but are also one of the reasons why Japanese students do not focus on learning foreign languages.

According to the statistics of Japan New Newspaper – a prestigious newspaper in Japan, with more than 700,000 students surveyed in 480 schools nationwide, about 17,000 high school students reached high school English level, the rest only reached secondary school English level. Therefore, the English level of Japanese is not good. Based on the results of this survey, the Japanese Ministry of Education and Training announced that it will carry out reforms on how to teach English.

There are many reasons why Japanese students do not learn foreign languages ​​well, but this also exists in many other countries. One of the reasons is the way of teaching foreign languages ​​and orienting students. The way of teaching is a problem not only in Japan but also in many countries around the world, but in terms of orientation is quite a difficult problem in Japan. Japanese students have a lot of influence on culture and traditions, so they often don’t have the direction to go abroad or learn a good foreign language to work with foreigners. Another reason is that the Japanese economy is very developed, the employment opportunities and domestic business are also very good, so learning foreign languages ​​to trade with foreign students is considered unnecessary by many students.

In Vietnam, at present, foreign language proficiency, although there is no official statistics, but it is certainly not very satisfactory, learning foreign languages ​​is very important and has many benefits. If you do not study well in industries you can also learn languages, learning a certain language is a profession that you can follow. Hopefully not only Japan but also Vietnam will have reforms and proper orientation for students in foreign language learning.

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