Doll Festival in Japan – Hino Matsuri

The purpose of the doll festival is to pray for good luck, luck, health and happiness for girls. When organizing the festival, adults will make straw dolls and drop them into the river, the Japanese believe that doing so will ward off bad things away from girls.

Today, the Japanese have abandoned the practice of dropping straw dolls, but on this holiday each house has a Hina doll set displayed in the most beautiful room in the house and will be stored carefully until next year’s festival.

vua và hoàng hậu

A full set of Hina dolls including a 7-storey shelf for dolls. The seven floors are all covered with red carpets. Seven floors include:

The top floor is the king and queen sitting in front of the yellow screen. In the front there are two vases and mochi shelf, two lamps on both sides. The king and queen both wore elaborate and elaborate traditional costumes.

On the next floor, there are 3 servants to the king and queen.

búp bê nhật bản hina

The 3rd floor has 5 dolls which are musicians playing music with different instruments.

The 4th floor has 2 great dolls

The fifth floor has 3 dolls for guard duty.

The following floors will put different decorations.

For many unconditional families, they only display the first floor is also the most basic floor in Hina dolls.

búp bê chơi nhạc

The cakes in the doll festival

The cakes offered to dolls are indispensable. The Japanese often make cakes from rice and have different colors like blue, pink and white. Cake is soft and not too sweet. Depending on each family, but usually there are cakes of green beans. The Japanese use the leaves to color the bread, the leaves used are usually medicinal herbs or leaves that are good for health with the implication of blessing for health to ward off disease. In addition to Japanese cakes, there are many other traditional dishes to invite guests in the party held during the festival

bánh mochi

The party was held on the festival day, in addition to blessing the girls is also an opportunity for the family to reunite, but on this day girls can invite friends to come to the party with the family and enjoy. the cakes. If you are invited to the party you should not refuse because attending a family party means that you are also wishing girls peace, health and happiness in the new year.

Today the doll festival in Japan is still held every year and is a unique culture in Japan. Japanese people take Hina dolls very seriously. Many dolls have been passed down from generation to generation and given back to their daughters when getting married, not only expressing blessings but also the guardianship of the family.

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