5S – gold standard of Japanese enterprises

tiêu chuẩn 5s

Origin of 5S standards:

5S concept has appeared in Japan since the 1980s. By 1986, this standard has been studied by many countries such as Singapore, China, Thailand …

5S appeared in Vietnam when Japan expanded its investment in Vietnam in 1993. Japan’s Vykino is the first company to apply 5S standards to businesses in Vietnam. Nowadays, many large companies have successfully applied 5S standards to businesses.

Concept of 5S standards

5S stands for 5 standards:

Seiri: screening – screening for unnecessary things.

Seiton: arrange – arrange the objects in the right place.

Seiso: clean – the workplace is always clean

Seiketsu: take care of – maintain clean workplace care

Seitsuke: ready – doing things voluntarily and collectively

What does 5S standard bring to businesses?

With these 5 standards, when applying to the business, employees will be aware of the clean and tidy working place. Thereby also increases cohesion when working in groups and understand each other better. In addition, the clean and tidy workplace also makes the work easier, increases work efficiency, increases product productivity and ensures more labor safety. The clean working environment ensures the health of employees to improve the quality of life.

Difficulties in applying 5S standards to enterprises

When applying 5S standards to businesses, businesses need to ensure the following:

Leaders are always committed and supportive: Leadership must be a leader in implementing 5S not only leadership but also a leader in implementing 5S in the enterprise.

Training and coaching: to apply 5S, training and coaching are indispensable. Firstly, it must train employees to understand 5S. Then instruct staff to do it. Once you understand and have a way of doing people will implement 5S better.

Voluntary participation in 5S implementation: Voluntary participation in 5S is building a sense of self-awareness for employees. It is also a part of ethical training for employees. When participants volunteered, they will do better and if everyone is aware of this, society will become better and better.

In businesses in Vietnam, the implementation of 5S still faces many difficulties due to reasons such as:

Lack of leadership commitment.

The training is not really effective.

Lack of support from experts

Lack of documentation.

Lack of monitoring supervision when done.

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