Mount Fuji

is considered a symbol of Japan, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a still active volcano, the highest in Japan, with year-round peaks covered with white snow and cherry forests creating a beautiful scenery. Not only that, there are many mysterious stories surrounding this mountain, in which the story about “The Princess in the Moonlight – Kaguya” is best known.

 In the old days, in a remote forest of Japan, there were old men and women, though old but they had no children, they always lived in sad loneliness. One day when the old man went to the forest to collect bamboo, he discovered a bamboo tree that he cut gave off a strange light, he approached and found a very cute little girl lying in a bamboo tube.

He brought the baby to his wife, she was so happy and would raise the baby. She named the girl “the little bamboo”. The young girl,The Little Bamboo , was very strange from a young age, she grew so fast that it made her parents very surprised, and the bigger she became, the more beautiful her parents were. happy life.

One afternoon when the old man was in the bamboo forest again, he discovered a strange light on a bamboo tree, and he cut the bamboo tree. Immediately, before his eyes appeared countless gold and silver leopard and silk is brocade. The old man brought this story to his wife, who thought it was probably God’s will, the ones who brought her to them. And then, they built a big mansion in the bustling capital, from which the family lived a comfortable life.

Over the years, The little bamboo grew up and became extremely beautiful, her sound captivated people. Once she met an elderly prince who gave her a name, Kaguya. He said: “The princess shines like a slender bamboo stick, I give her the name Kaguya, which symbolizes a slender graceful model and a beauty that shines from within”.

Since Kaguya’s name spread, rumors of her beauty spread everywhere, many people proposed to her including princes from other countries, but she was rejected by giving her offerings that no one could find. King of Japan at that time also fell in love with her, nor did she agree, but he was someone she respected and kept in touch.

On the days of the full moon when Kaguya was 15 years old, she often sat alone looking up at the sad moonlight. Her father saw that so worriedly asked, she breathed sadly said: “Father, I am originally from the moon, because of making a mistake that was exiled to the earth.

Now the time limit for the punishment is about to expire, I will soon have to return. The bow cannot be denied. I miss mom, I miss dad, that’s why I’m sad. “

 Her parents knew that they had asked for help from the Emperor and together they tried to protect her, but in the end, they could not resist the strength of the heavenly power on the moon.

Before leaving, because he deeply missed his parents, Kaguya left them with a long-life pill and a letter to express her feelings to their parents. But because her parents missed her, they did not take this elixir, but went to the highest mountain in Japan to burn, hoping the feelings from the bottom of their heart could be sent to her. From then on, that mountain was called “Fushi no yama” – Fushi in Japanese means immortal and then read it to become “Fuji no yama”, and created the name “Mount Fuji”. Fujisan).

This is just a legend about the name of Mount Fuji, besides the Japanese also have many other ways to explain the origin of this place that surely when visiting Japan you can hear thoroughly from the guide. tourist or locals.

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