Japanese Olympics and business promotion through Event21.

The upcoming Japan will host the Olympics 2020. Amidst the eager anticipation, we are about to see special art performances, athletes from all over the world, the whole world heading to where there are an extremely unique and long-standing culture. Japan is the place to organize sports and cultural events and is also a place where visitors can visit and enjoy the world’s most elite values ​​such as the art of drinking tea, Ikebana flower arrangement art, Traditional cake and dance arts.

Event21 is proud to be a position in Japan, this is the time we can promote and organize big and small events to help customers through the Olympic to promote their businesses.

In order to find an event venue that meets the requirements of the most demanding customers, our staffs are receptive and develop our team seriously. Therefore Event21 is one of the top choices for companies that want to host events in Japan.

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