Yukata – Summer traditional costumes

Yukata is a traditional Japanese women’s clothing and is worn in the summer. It is a traditional kimono, but Yukata’s design is more simple and convenient than traditional kimono.

Yukata is very popular with girls when they attend summer events such as the fireworks festival, the Bon-Odori festival. In recent years, colorful yukata with modern patterns have appeared and many women like to wear yukata with obi (embroidered back strips) and geta (wooden clogs) …

Is a stylized outfit from Kimono comfortable in summer

Yukata is usually made of cool and breathable cotton fabric. While traditional kimono requires the wearer to have juban (kimono undershirt), yukata can be worn without juban and tabi (Japanese socks). This makes the yukata extremely comfortable in the summer.

More than 1,000 years ago, the yukata was a noble outfit. Wearing yukata has become popular for ordinary people from the 17th to 19th centuries, and to this day. Yukata has costumes for men but today yukata are worn primarily by women.

A set of white yukata with small orchid motifs and blue obi (embroidered back band). Geta (wooden clogs) and uchiwa (hand fans) are also important accessories. – Photo: web-japan.org

In addition to comfort, yukata are popular in Japan as a tool to honor the charm of women to the maximum. Just like kimono, the wide yukata at the upper or lower body allows the wearer to move freely. To appear elegant in the yukata, the wearer must straighten his back, take small steps and gently gesture.

Yukata comes with geta (traditional Japanese wooden clogs). Geta looks like slippers with hanao (sandals) to go in. Many women and girls attach accessories on hanao as accents, or bring pokkuri (geta with thick soles) to show their character or kawaii (cute).

You can wear a yukata on many occasions and creatively follow your own ideas. You can wear the obidome (the decoration on the front of the obi), which looks like a Western dress, or kanzashi hairpin (hair ornament) to make the outfit perfect.

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