4 Famous summer festivals in Japan you should know.

1, Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival. This festival is considered as a prominent “fireworks party” in Japan that attracts millions of visitors to Tokyo every year.

2, Tanabata Festival (Lost Ceremony)
Tanabata Festival – Star, is one of the most beautiful and romantic festivals in Japanese festivals. This holiday originated from China – the festival of Qixi (Niu Lang Female) and is known in many countries, but nowhere in the world has a poetic holiday like in the land of Fusang. Especially in 3 cities Sendai (Miyagi Prefecture); Anjou (Aichi Prefecture) and Hiratsuka (Kanagawa Prefecture) with images of bamboo hanging many colored pieces of paper, that is the Tanabata festival.

3, Awa Odori Matsuri Festival.
When visiting the Awa Odori Matsuri festival, visitors are also immersed in many traditional dances and songs performed by groups wearing sophisticated, beautiful traditional costumes. This is indeed a memorable festival when it comes to Japanese holiday season tourism.

This famous dance festival started around mid-August in Tokushima Prefecture, after which many other localities responded to the organization, including Tokyo.

4, Bon Odori Festival.
In Japan, there are many types of dance art, but the most famous is the Bon tune, also known as “Bon Odori”. Bon Odori traditional dance festival is held in August every year, usually takes place in about 1 week, this is also an opportunity for families in Japan to gather and play together. Tourists traveling to Japan also regularly choose to attend festivals on this occasion.

People often say, where in the world there is a Japanese community of people living there, there will be a Bon festival.

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