With an increasing number of foreigners living in Japan, the organization of events serving the community of the nations has become an indispensable spiritual activity. Annual festivals, music events, language clubs etc. becoming more and more familiar with foreign citizens living in Japan as well as with Japanese people who want to exchange and absorb international culture.

With the number of Vietnamese living in Japan second only to China, and Vietnam’s becoming one of Japan’s important strategic partners, activities related to Vietnam in Japan , especially outdoor festivals, attracting much attention of the Japanese press and being widely promoted to the Vietnamese community and local people. The quality and quantity of such events are also more concerned, and the number of visitors to the event is growing and the scale of the event is expanding.


The reason for this festival is said to be the largest of the year because it is the official and unique exchange event organized by the Vietnamese government abroad, and takes place in one of the large and famous parks. most in Tokyo. The political stature of the event is represented by the presence of the representative of Mr. Iwao Matsuda, Founder of the event, as well as the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and Mr. Vu Hong Nam, Vietnamese Ambassador at Japan.

This is also a celebration of bilateral symbolic cultural exchange between Vietnam and Japan, with many art performances, culinary culture and music of Vietnam being introduced. In celebration of the 11th year of the festival (held for the first time in 2018), 2019 is considered the year of Mekong cooperation relations, because the Organizing Committee wishes to promote Japanese-Vietnam friendship and relations. with other countries in the Mekong region.

The opening part of the event will feature the appearance of young women in traditional Vietnamese dresses, performing with flower lights. This opening act will take place at 10:00 on Saturday 08/06/2019. Music and art performances will continue throughout the two days of the festival.

In particular, three of the famous artists who will contribute to the event are

Singer Yuumi Ishida (石田 優美) – a Japanese-Japanese and is a member of idol group AKB48
Singer Uyen Linh – a powerful vocalist who came out of the Vietnam Idol competition
Singer Pham Quynh Anh – former member of H.A.T group with a strong fan base
It is expected that the 2019 Vietnamese festival at Yoyogi Park will receive about 150,000 visitors. Among more than 80 booths participating in the festival, there are many food booths with traditional dishes, giving you the opportunity to “eat Vietnam” in just a short walk around the park. Engineers schedule your friends and family right away to not miss this rare “home” opportunity!

More information about the event: This event takes place annually but the location varies from year to year.

Also multiplying this article, Talent Hub would like to introduce you to some typical Vietnamese festivals of the year, in other regions of Japan.


This festival is usually held in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, and the detailed location also changes year by year. This is a highly anticipated festival in the Kansai region, because of its large scale and elaborately prepared by sponsors of such magnitude as Aeon mall, Saigon Tourist, Yamaha, etc.

Unfortunately, the festival of 2019 has passed, but you can follow the festival website here ( to get the fastest schedule next year.


This is one of the few Vietnamese events held in Fukuoka (probably because the Vietnamese community living there is not as much as in Tokyo or Osaka). You can enjoy familiar Vietnamese cuisine in the music space and traditional dances. The 2019 event was sponsored by Vietnam Airlines and Seven Bank, along with many other large and small sponsors. The event was rated as one of the highlights for Tenjin Chuo Park (天神 中央 公園) – the event venue.

source and photos: Talenthub

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