Banquet “Yoga” – a new trend of yoga practice is prevalent

A new style of yoga practice called “Yoga Rave” – ​​or “Yoga Party” is being enthusiastically responded by many people around the world. Yoga party is a combination of music, meditation and yoga. This movement comes from Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, and is spreading globally.

Ms. Giselle Baez – Yoga practitioner said: “Everyone feels full of life because there seems to be a close connection with each other when meditating. After that, everyone laughed, danced and felt very comfortable.”

Yoga parties like these help the practitioner feel refreshed just like going on a roller coaster. When meditating, the mental state of the people is very quiet, then becomes excitedly enthusiastic with yoga movements, as well as electronic dance music.

The first Yoga Party was held 6 years ago in Buenos Aires. To date, it has become a trend that attracts millions of people in more than 1,000 cities around the world to participate. In particular, anyone can attend the “Yoga Party”. Co-founder Rodrigo Bustos said: “This movement has crossed national borders, transcended cultural differences. It helps people unite through meditation, through yoga and faith. . “

The founders of the Yoga Party movement are members of the Living Arts Organization – a humanitarian organization in India – with the goal of helping people reduce stress and resolve conflicts in life. Coming to yoga parties, people practice and dance together, and then feel the joy in the soul, not from the outside entertainment activities.

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