Origin and meaning of Vietnam’s mooncakes

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The Mid-Autumn Festival is a familiar holiday and the third largest of the year in Vietnam. On this day, everyone will organize an offering of ancestral altars, light lanterns, gather with family to talk, drink tea and eat moon cakes.

Speaking of the symbol of the August full moon night, people immediately think of the familiar moon cake. But not everyone understands the origin and meaning of moon cakes. Stay tuned for the following article about this traditional dish.

Learn about mooncakes:
Mooncakes are the name used in Vietnam for cakes with sweet filling, often used during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Cakes in Vietnam are usually in the shape of a circle, about 10cm diameter or square with an edge length of about 7-8 cm, width of about 4-5 cm.

Mooncakes also have many other more popular designs, such as mother pigs with cubs, carp …

Compared to Western cakes, moon cakes are much sweeter. Moon cake is also known in Chinese as Moon cake, in English is Moon cake.

The origin of moon cake
Moon cake originated from China and spread widely around the world, including Vietnam.

In China, there are many interesting legends about the origin and origin of moon cakes passed down by the ancients.

In the peasant uprising at the end of the Yuan Dynasty, led by Chu Nguyen Chuong and Luu Ba On.

While passing on the news and secret orders, people made round cakes, inserting additional papers stating the time of the uprising.

After that, these cakes with the news of exhortation were transmitted and became a safe and effective means of communication.

The estimated time indicated on the cake is the brightest moon night on the full moon night of the eighth lunar month. Later, the Chinese took this day and a cake to celebrate the event.

The meaning of moon cake
Although not originating from Vietnam, but for a long time, moon cakes have become a traditional dish during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

With a round full moon-like design, showing the union, all members of the family, gather together after many days of separation.

The types of moon cakes in Vietnam are diverse in style and taste, such as chewy cakes, scones, pork pie, fish cakes … which have different meanings.

According: Songday.

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