How do Japanese people wear kimono on occasions?

For Vietnamese people, “ao dai” is a traditional costume worn by most people on festivals and big festivals, showing the gentle, traditional beauty of Vietnamese women. As for Japan, the traditional costume is Kimono,
is both a symbol of the identity as well as the Japanese people.
So when will Japanese people wear kimono? Unlike Vietnam, ao dai is commonly used and for most occasions it becomes a traditional school uniform for high school students. As for the Japanese, it is very rare for you to see them wearing Kimonos, you will only see when it is New Year, the first day of work, children are wearing Kimonos when visiting temples and shrines.
However, the number of parents for their children to wear skirts and blouses is also increasing. On the occasion of the maturation (Young people turning 20 years old), weddings, graduation ceremonies or in formal parties, it is often the women will wear Kimono. Those who study and work in traditional Japanese art world as dancers, those who serve in traditional Japanese restaurants often have to wear traditional costumes.

The image of a girl in Kimono is very charming, if you have the opportunity to come to Japan, try it once and it will be very interesting
It is known that Japanese people will wear Kimono at least 4 times in their lifetime. It was on the following occasions that we explored it

1.Children’s Day 753, this day is considered the first day of wearing kimono in the life of Japanese babies. According to Japanese customs, 3 years old, 5 years old, 7 years old is the luckiest age of the children.

2.The adulthood. This is one of the quite big holidays in this country. This holiday is held to wish the best of luck for young Japanese just turned 20. It is also a day to mark their maturity, reminding them that they have really grown up and obviously have to live responsibly with themselves, their families and society.
3.The third time must be very unforgettable, it’s the wedding. Today, the bride is wearing a Kimono that can be said to be the most beautiful in life, unforgettable. With a regular kimono it will only take about a week to complete, but with a kimono for the bride, it will take them a month to produce the best.
4.It is a funeral, on this day, Japanese people will wear a Kimono, but with patterns and designs suitable for the funeral day, not many colors like ordinary Kimono.
Above, just the time that Japanese people will definitely wear Kimonos in life, in addition, on other holidays, or visiting temples, you can also see Japanese people dressed for themselves. Traditional kimono is very beautiful.

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