Event organization: Attractive career for dynamic person.

Despite being a relatively new profession in Vietnam in recent years, Event organization is growing at a fast pace with the need to promote brand and new products of businesses. Needs to organize various events such as customer conferences, product launches, groundbreaking ceremonies, inauguration ceremonies, major competitions (television singing, sports competitions), seminars, exhibitions, etc. The increasing number shows the important role of event management for organizations and businesses.

There are many ways to understand what is event depending on the perspective of the insider. Marketers consider events to be a useful below-the-line tool that helps brands “communicate” with their target customers in the most accurate and impressive way. Event organizers, conferences, seminars … see the event as the end result of a series of logistics jobs that aim to meet attendees’ expectations …

Event management usually includes the following steps: brand research, identifying the target audience, setting event goals, developing key ideas, setting budgets and implementation plans. logistic, personnel and technical factors to implement the program, review and conduct other post-production activities to help prolong the effects of that event.

Professional pressure

The event organizer not only shows the details of the program, contacts with the necessary companies: lighting, cars, restaurant, welcoming guests … but also contact the guests for accurate information. . More difficult, they have to stick to the program from beginning to end.

In addition to the influence of the weather, event staff must carefully prepare all program details. Besides, the event is also a profession “going forward”. You must be the first to the yard to direct all the designs from sound, light to the smallest is the toilet. The program is over, you are also the one who stays in the “battlefield” collecting the “creativity” of people. Job making event requires health, hard work, arduous to race against time to keep pace with the program schedule. Not to mention the competition for ideas between events. In particular, event organizers can only say “yes”, absolutely no “no” when talking to customers.

Qualities of the event organizing profession

Experts liken the event organizer to a “jigsaw craftsman”. “Meticulous, careful to every detail, then the idea …” is a brief outline of the skills required of an event specialist (Event Specialist).

The organization of the event is like a picture of a jigsaw puzzle and the player only succeeds in completing the picture with hundreds, thousands of small pieces of detail. The level of each company manifests itself in the perfection in every detail they organize.

A good event organizer certainly cannot lack qualities such as: good organization, dynamic, agile, patient, able to establish good relationships, able to work in groups, have the power Health and passion. The event hosting profession is a job that requires the performer to be extremely durable and able to withstand high pressure. They also need to know how to manage and respond in any situation. Few people know that from the beginning of the event to the end, the event organizer no matter how calm, but their minds are “stretching” to plan and handle any “events”. try not to invite but come ”. And only when the event ended, the event organizer can breathe a sigh of relief.

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