Events to celebrate the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

The Organizing Committee of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games announced 50 sports symbols to be used to represent the various sports and competitions.

On March 12, Japan marked 500 days before the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games with events held in Tokyo and surrounding areas to stir the movement.

At the Tokyo event, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee announced 50 sports symbols to be used to represent the various subjects and competition content. The first sports icons were created in 1964, the same year that Tokyo hosted the largest sporting event on the planet, and has since become a unique feature of each Olympic.

With the main theme of recreating the image of a resilient Japan rebuilding after the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster, on March 12, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee 2020 also began to deploy a project. The project includes preferential bus travel programs across three provinces in the Northeast, which had suffered the most serious damage during the aforementioned disasters.

Tokyo Olympics are scheduled to take place from July 24 to August 9, 2020 with 339 competitions – a record high. Of the 33 sports, four are the first to be played at an Olympic event, including karate, skateboarding, mountain climbing and surfing.

In addition, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics also marked the return of sports such as double baseball and softball after being removed from the list of major competitions after 2008.

Preparations for the competition content of about 11,000 athletes worldwide are being urgently implemented. Most of the items for the competition have been completed from 50% to 70% by the end of January to keep up with the testing competitions that will take place this summer.

The 2020 Olympic Center at the new National Stadium in Shinjuku district, central Tokyo, will be completed in November. In January, organizers announced that they would begin accepting tickets from Japanese audiences in April.

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