Recent advancements in Vietnamese event planning.

1.Professional in program script.

2.Professionalizing the material supply
3.The LED screen is fully utilized in stage designs instead of the previous large hiflex panels. Clearly in recent times, one of the standards of an event that needs solemnity and “class” is the main stage with LED elements.

4.Upgraded audio equipment is on par with international stages. Gone are the times when the event was dull, sometimes glitchy, timid or buzzing. Preparing for today’s sound for people organizing events in Vietnam is one of the most concerned.
The most recent event marketing market in Vietnam has invested in L’acoustic K2 speakers – known as the most modern and perfect sound system in the world at the present time. According to this supplier, after more than 1 year of order, the new K2 supplier will accept a Vietnamese company to buy this speaker system. The journey to transport K2 to Vietnam is also extremely difficult, taking 50 days on the ship. The cost of the K2 audio system is up to US $ 1 million (over VND 22 billion).

5 .Invest in gray matter in developing program scripts. Just search quickly with the keyword “event” on Google, the results returned can easily show us the level of fierce competition in this market in recent years. To a point where competition for equipment for the event saturated, event service providers realized that a successful, meaningful and satisfying event was not only dependent on modernity or nurturing in the operation of expensive equipment where the event content is the focus to deepen, until.

6.Quality of artistic items
 Don’t stop at mere dance, dancing or singing. Today the “upscale” entertainment market has become a major source of increasingly professional art repertoire for event organizers.

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