Congratulations to Emperor Naruhito on his coronation

TTO – “Sokuirei Seiden no gi” (Imperial coronation ceremony) at the “Matsu no Ma” room of the Seiden State Hall, the palace will start at 13h today (October 22).

Coronation for 30 years

This is the first coronation ceremony held in nearly 30 years in Japan. It is especially because Naruhito’s father, the emperor, Akihito (85), became the first king in Japan’s more than 200-year history to actively abdicate because of his frail age.

The solemn ceremony on October 22 will formalize the coronation of Emperor Naruhito and it is solemnly organized for Japan to introduce the world to their new king.

The great day with Japan will begin with a separate ceremony in which the new king will report his enthronement to his predecessors. He will then accompany Queen Masako in formal dress (the king will wear a dark orange-colored royal cell, costumes worn by Japanese emperors only on special occasions) to appear at the palace’s most sanctuary.

The previous coronation of Emperor Akihito in November 1990 was conducted according to the coronation rite of his father, King Hirohito. This time, the Japanese Government also decided to follow the rituals of the Akihito Dynasty. However, Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko will not attend the coronation ceremony of Emperor Naruhito.

According to Kyodo News Agency, the coronation ceremony is expected to last 30 minutes. The mayors will bring 2 of 3 items including the king’s sword and jewels – the king’s inheritance from his father in May as evidence of the throne.

When the curtains of the Takamikura (the Chrysanthemum throne) open, the Japanese king Naruhito will stand up and speak. Prime Minister Abe Shinzo will then send greetings from the parliament room and lead the guests in cheers to celebrate the king’s longevity.

The emperor then hosted a tea party with royal guests, while Prime Minister Abe presided over a congratulatory dinner attended by about 900 guests at the New Otani Hotel in Tokyo.

Earlier, in order to respect and mourn the victims of the recent typhoon Hagibis and their relatives, a 30-minute parade in the convertible in the king’s coronation ceremony was moved. again on 10-11.

The ceremony of intimate and cozy meeting with people by a parade on the convertible also started from the coronation ceremony of Mr. Akihito.

Empathy, sharing with people in tribulation has become a beautiful tradition of the Japanese royal family. After the double earthquake and tsunami in 2011, the lives of about 16,000 Japanese, Emperor Akihito and Queen Michiko visited the survivors and they also became a symbol of solidarity for the whole people and the country. Recovery efforts after natural disasters.

New spring, spread peace

April 30 this year marks the end of the reign of Heisei (Binh Thanh), which means “achieving peace”. The new reign of King Naruhito dating back to Reiwa (Lenh Hoa) officially began on May 1, opening expectations for a positive change for the land of the rising sun.

The name Reiwa is derived from a verse from the ancient Japanese anthology, the Van Diep, which was emphasized by Prime Minister Abe Shinzo as “a national letter that is characteristic of Japan’s long tradition and rich culture”.

In this book, Reiwa means a new spring, spreading peace. Prime Minister Abe Shinzo explained the new era means “culture is born and nurtured by the good hearts that depend on one another”.

The first chapter in the post-war constitution of Japan states that “the emperor will be a symbol of the country and of the unity of the entire people”. This also means the Emperor will stay away from politics and spend most of his time in ritualistic activities.

Even so, the rise of a new king is still a huge event in Japan. According to the Nikkei Asian Review, scattered related events will continue until April 2020.

With the attendance of about 2,000 guests from over 170 countries, including Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc attending the coronation ceremony of the king, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo will also have a vibrant diplomatic week. Observers believe that Abe Shinzo will use this great opportunity to strengthen essential diplomatic relations.

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