Four famous Ninja villages in Japan

“Ninja Village” in Japan is the school that trained Ninja, now many places become sights and experiences for visitors.

Unlike Samurai, Ninjas often use weapons with simple structure, small but very high damage to defeat enemies.

Chibikko Ninja Village

This Ninja village mainly teaches children of high school age. There are different services in the village including a trick house, a slalom room, a room for testing shuriken (darts) and a blowgun (pepper blower) … along with training programs for children to become real ninja.

In the village, there are also Ninja technical shows or tricks used by the Togakure-ryu ninjas.

Koka Ninja House

Koka city is located not far from the ancient capital of Kyoto. Thanks to the surrounding mountainous terrain, this used to be a very convenient place for Ninja residents. One of the famous places in Koka city is the Koka ryu Ninjutsu Yashiki house with many underground traps. The house was built about 300 years ago.

Inside, the structure is quite complicated with three traps. Including “Otoshima” used to trap enemies. “Dondengaeshi” is a rotating trap door placed on the wall so that the Ninja can disappear at any time. “Nawabashigo” is a rope ladder that allows Ninja to climb from the third floor to the front door on the ground floor.

Next to Koka Ryu Ninjutsu Yashiki house, you can also visit the Ninja village, the village that trains children to become true Ninja.

Iga Ryu Ninja Museum

The museum is located in Iga, east of Osaka city, where the history of ninjas dates back to the 15th century. The interior is divided into three areas: Virtual Ninja House, Ninja experience and traditional house.

In the virtual ninja house, you can be introduced by female ninjas (dressed up by instructors) and teach how to use “dondengaeshi”, “shikakedo” (magic doors), “nukemichi” (encrypted information). ).

The next room to the virtual Ninja’s house is the experience room of being a Ninja. Here you can directly use more than 400 Ninja tools such as “nawabashigo”, “makibishi”, “shuriken”.

In traditional houses, you can learn more about the history and origins of Ninja through documents and documents.

Togakushi Folk Museum Togakushi Ninja Museum 

The Shinobu Room to train eyesight for finding the way in the mazes. The Ninjutsu Room is used to train ingenuity. Ninja Slalom room allows visitors to experience the thrills of mini sleds.

There is also the Togakure-ryu Ninpo Shiryokan Museum for learning about Ninja. There is also a service for renting Ninja gear to meet the interests of travelers.


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