The Proper Way to Eat Ramen

Ramen is definitely food you want to taste when coming to Japan. If you have ever visited a quality ramen restaurant, you will find that all Japanese diners whether male or female will enjoy the delicious way of eating ramen, while the culture in the national style of eating is pretty slow. Today, event 21 will introduce tips for enjoying a delicious bowl of ramen in Japanese style!

1. Choose ramen: Choose the traditional or special ramen of the restaurant

Entering a ramen shop, you’ll wonder which flavor to choose. Most ramen shops, the most traditional and characteristic smell, are always ranked from the “top right” for vertical menus and “top” for menus written horizontally. If the shop has a ticket machine, it will be the top left corner of the menu button of the machine. If you are still hesitant between variety, first try their traditional dish and grasp the taste of that restaurant.

In addition, if an item is introduced as a “special”, then surely the store owner is quite confident about its taste, so do not hesitate to experience it. If you still can’t choose, just start talking to the store staff.

2. Good seats will be the place to observe the kitchen

Not only ramen shops, but also in crowded restaurants, seats are always recommended by restaurant staff. However, if you can choose your own seat, try once sitting in the opposite seat where you can see the kitchen (counter). The seat closest to the chef is the best.

Looking at the rhythm while eating noodles, presenting in a bowl, sprinkling the broth of the skilled Japanese chef standing in the kitchen, you will also feel the interesting feature to watch, and the expectation for ramen will increase. Moreover, the more you sit near the chef, you can pick up the day when you have finished the ramen and start eating it at the best time.

3. Enjoy the broth first

Japanese ramen is originally a popular dish, so there is no standard way to eat it. While the free diet is the way to go, here are some standard ways to enjoy the most delicious ramen possible.

First, use a ceramic spoon and taste the soup. Next, put the noodles into a spoon and eat with the soup. Then, use ingredients such as meat, eggs, along with noodles and broth. As time goes by, the noodles will absorb the borth and the flavor of the noodles will decrease. It is best to eat ramen as soon as possible right away it served.

4. Slurp quickly, slurp loudly.

The sound when eating ramen is probably the best sound for most Japanese people. If you want to try the Japanese way of eating, don’t roll the noodles like spaghetti,pull the noodles with chopsticks and dip back them once into the soup to mop up some borth and fat, blowing and slurp it quickly.

Some people will think that it is impossible to enjoy without making a sound when eating noodles. However, eating without making noise is not rude. Some Japanese eat and drink quietly because they don’t like slurping or splattering soup. Another smart way to eat ramen, place a noodle on a ceramic spoon, pick it up with your chopsticks and slurp it slowly.

5. Finally, finish all the soup

If you have finished the noodles and topping, but the stomach still have space! Great, you should drink the soup. This action replaces the chef’s compliment that the soup is good enough to be addicted to it. Some restaurants also serve rice and ramen in the lunch set, let’s try pouring rice into the soup, we called this “Ojiya” – rice mixed with soup.

However, ramen soup is rich in salt and fat, so if you are worried about your health, you should drink this broth.

Each ramen shop will bring a different flavor, so if you come to Japan, try and compare many types.

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