What we need to prepare for going skiing

Skiing is probably the most exciting activity, and is also an important reason why many people love the winter. This article will guide you through the first steps of skiing in Japan.

The easiest and simplest way is to follow a certain group, Vietnamese, or Japanese, or a certain gaijin association. Sign up with them, pay and leader will show you what to do, convenient, and have you. If you’re still a student, try looking for a snowboard / skiing club right at your school. They are very welcoming of outsiders. In this way, you will be taught free sliding, methodical;) Information can be searched online (for example, 神 戸 大学 ス ノ ー ボ ー), school bulletin boards or 留学生 セ ン タ trường in your school.

So when you want to host and invite your friends to come along? Please follow these steps (I have never been a host, so it’s all self-thinking =))

Determine the time: the end of the year, before and during the New Year holiday will usually be the period when the tours are the cheapest.
Locate: Depending on where you live, subjective opinion, but consider the discounted tours like Seikyo. (For example, over 20 people get a 100 yen discount, for example: v)
Booking tour / bus / hotel: depending on whether you go during the day or stay that can change. Please take a look at the homepage of the slide you are targeting, you can book a tour from that site too. Prices depend on the time, skating rinks and tours you choose, but usually cheap are from more than 2 lakh to 3 lakh yen.
Pay and wait until the day goes 🙂
Prepare well before you go. Remember to bring identification, health insurance, cash, tickets ….
Up to down:

Helmets: pro, quick jump or anything is needed
Glasses goggles: protect your eyes from wind, snow, ultraviolet rays … depending on your needs but decide to buy or rent. If you buy, buy the type with 2 layers of glass, the glass will be less foggy. In my opinion, the new skate often does not use glasses very much, partly because of entanglement, partly because of sweat, blurred glass can not use.
Wool hat: bring it yourself, you don’t have to rent it. Bring at least 2, so that if you have it wet to change.
Cold mask: Depending on the needs, you may or may not wear it. You can buy one on Amazon, from over 600 yen, which is enough for one.
Scarves: extremely necessary, don’t forget. Of course, you can buy them on the skis, but preparing them will be better and cost effective.
Clothes inside: when sliding you will feel warm. The ski wear is also very warm, so underneath just wearing sports pants, a t-shirt, a thin sweater / hoodies is enough. Of course it depends on the weather that day, if it gets snowstorms it will get colder, so bring the worst case back up. Bring enough clothes to change during the trip.
Wear: if you slip a lot, please buy a set, the price is varied but the cheapest is around 10 thousand yen for a set on the bottom (order through Amazon – remember to check the size carefully). If you rent, each trip will cost you about 2500 yen (reference price). Often hotel tours include rental equipment, but often bad clothes, sometimes torn or damaged. Want to upgrade to beautiful clothes, it still takes a lot of money.
Gloves: should buy a pair, do not need to be too expensive, just size, around 2000 yen (reference price)
Socks: Wear long-lasting pairs to knee length, shin guards.
Skis and skates: 2 rides a year or less, use rental equipment.

Miscellaneous items: sunscreen, chapped wax, kairo, flu medicine, go outside, thermometer, salonpas, bandages….
Accessories: camera, camcorder, go pro, power charger types, alarm clock, clothes hangers, uno or cards and other party toys ….
Food: breakfast the next day, extra food, snacks and other related drinks … Going to the snow mountain to buy these things is a bit difficult :)) Also if you go on a day you can bring bento / Onigiri go to eat, you will not have to queue for long in the bar and will have more sliding time.
Note when sliding:

Be careful of wet / lost phones and cameras (insert into a glossy dry bag, because even the inner chest pocket is at risk of getting wet)
Bring lunch money (bring 1 to 2 sen to not be short)
As I see it, the more you fall the faster you slip, the failure is successful mother: v: v: v
Attention when leaving:

Avoid forgetting, return your IC lift card (if you use it where you go)
Written by Halu

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