Omotenashi spirit is considered to be the source of the quintessence of Japanese working and serving. This week let’s learn about Omotenashi spirit with Ominext! Articles hope to inspire in work, daily life. Also helps you integrate this spirit when working in the land of cherry blossoms.

Where does the spirit of Omotenashi come from?
Omotenashi spirit is the spirit of serving with the heart of Japanese people. It is the reception, customer care with all the most dedication and sophistication.

According to Professor Isao Kumakura, most of the Japanese rules are rooted in tea and martial arts culture.

During the tea party, the party owner tries to create an atmosphere that helps guests relax and relax. The host is well prepared for the tea party. There are flowers, cakes for guests to enjoy the most relaxed moments.

“The first thing I learned when I became a flight attendant was tea ceremony culture.” That’s the confession of a flight attendant Japan Airlines.

Tea ceremony ritual requires meticulousness is like caring for customers stemming from devotion. Not just providing services. The hospitality of Omotenashi – something that Japanese airlines want to target flight attendants.

Omotenashi Spirit: Starting from devotion

It is hard to find a country other than Japan with braille printed on a can. This comes from the subtlety and dedication of the blind. Recognize their difficulty in identifying cans. The Japanese have embossed letters on the cans. The blinds just need to touch it to know what kind of water.

Japanese people care about the smallest things! Also by coming from my sincere heart and subtlety to those around me.

Omotenashi spirit is expressed through the line with floating lines for the visually impaired. These lines are raised so they can identify their position in the right direction.

The Omotenashi spirit exists in the way Japanese think for others. They must have been educated about Omotenashi culture since childhood. They are imbued with that spirit from the most small and simple things.

Omotenashi Spirit: Happiness at work
What makes you serve or work for others that makes you happy? The spirit of Omotenashi is to serve others who do not care about their own interests.

When arriving in a store, the bus … easily caught the action of bowing, beaming smile of employees. You will feel that you are receiving special offers just for you.

The warmth and happiness from the waiter spread to the customers. That is the interesting feature of Omotenashi spirit.

That is the sense of responsibility in the work assigned. The results we create will help the development of the company, bringing satisfaction to others.

Omotenashi’s spirit also shows in dealing with colleagues, with superiors. They think for the common good of the business. Employees in Japanese companies often use the word “we” rather than “me”. They believe that effective work is the effort of the whole group, not just the individual.

If foreigners look at how Japanese people work, they will think that they are under a great pressure of work. Actually, Japanese people are really living and enjoying moments with work. By the valuable values ​​will create for the Company.

Integrate Omotenashi spirit for foreigners
The spirit of Omotenashi spread not only to all Japanese people but also to the foreigners living here. Understanding and comprehending the spirit of Omotenashi is one of the important conditions for foreign workers to integrate in Japan.

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