Life is like a seesaw, one end is impatient, one end is destiny. The more hot-tempered, the lower the temperament, the more benevolent the more fate. Maintain a new temper can hold the destiny.

Ancient people have the saying: “Suspicious suspicion, suspicion of hot air”, that is, should not be angry, nor should you disregard the incident. Deep water flows slowly, respectful people speak slowly, deep water should be quiet, words of no anger can be profound. Modesty is not only the best shirt in communication, but also the richness of one’s life.
Don’t rob other people, don’t make yourself smarter than you
The ancients had the saying: “The median ten-term multiplication term all the time, the most unqualified words, the shield of the vile practice”, that is to say that ten words to guess nine words are not necessarily good, because a word that is not winning is not different. mistake. Know but do not necessarily have to say, there are some inappropriate words for you to say, there are some cases that do not need you to open words.

Many people have a bad habit of robbing others. They often claim to be smart, but bring discomfort to others. This habit of stealing words not only makes people disgusted, but it can also cause misunderstandings. Many things are broken just because you won’t listen to your opponent.

Do not rob others of being humble, do not consider themselves intelligent, knowledgeable, do not judge others’ minds with their own thoughts. This is also the basic etiquette, is also the expression of a person with a nursing function.

Not stealing words will not be impulsive or impatient
When it comes to urgent jobs, the hard work in a zealous mind becomes even more likely to rob others. Words like a bowl of water poured out, said without thinking often before and after inconsistencies, even unable to recover, very easy to burn away.

When something happens, the purpose of verbal communication is problem solving. The last pointless arguments often only hurt the two sides.

There is a saying: “Consciousness, tranquility, tranquility, and tranquility”, that is, the mind of disturbance in the still still confused, the mind in the inner disorder is still still.

People who cultivate, though transient in the heart of the wave will also quickly calm down. The calm appearance in front of the waves will leave others with the impression of a mature, quiet person.

Psychologists point out that: If a person is worried, he or she must pour out his or her own confidences before they can turn to listen to the opinions of others. So in order to solve problems, first learn to listen to others.

There is a saying in the ancient saying: “The fake author talks about the first language, the foolish theory tells the language,” the meaning that the previous position is thoughtful, then the next foolish one will think later.

Smart people will not rob other people, because they clearly distinguish light weight, fast slow, not more competitive than temporary defeat.

Stealing words from others, just by thinking clearly first, thinking about how to say it, a single hit could solve the problem.

Do not rob other people, they must know in the heart of others
Speaking slowly and slowly, saying all the words you want to say is a job that makes people happy, but it should be based on respect for others. When God created man, He only gave man a mouth, but it had two ears, which is to let us say less and listen more.

When listening, we must throw away our stance, completely enter the opponent’s world, focusing our attention on the other. In Chinese orthodox, the word “Hear” (聽 – listen) has profound implications. This word includes the “Aur” (耳 – tai), the “King” (王 – king), the word “Cross” (十 – ten), the word “Section” (目 – eyes), the word “Nhat” (一) and the word “Tâm” (心 – heart). The idea is that when listening to someone, you need to make them feel as important as a king (King), listen with their ears (set), focus on all eyes (Cross, Cross) and be fully integrity with all my heart (Nhat, Tam).

And in simplified Chinese, the word “Hear” (听 – listen) has the opposite content, lacking ears, leaving only the mouth (口 – the mouth) of God is like chopping people another (ax – 斤 – set of Scales). This is the cause of the difficulty of listening to modern people.

There is an astonishing anecdote like this: In a certain American village, a boy hopscotched in the moonlight. His mother curiously asked: “What are you doing?”
The boy pointed to the moonlight excitedly saying, “I want to go to the moon!” His mother was surprised, but still silently heard the little boy talk about his dream of riding a sky-high horse in the air.
After the boy finished speaking, his mother said, “Very good, but you must remember to go home for dinner.”
Years later, Neil Armstrong became the first person to leave the earth to set foot on the moon. He was the boy in the moonlight of the past.
There is a saying, “The mouth of the mind”, the mouth is the door of the soul. People who cultivate in mind often think of others, so they will not steal words, they will listen.

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