The marketers are no stranger to the 6P concept: Proposition – Product – Place – Price – Package – Promotion. 6P of a brand as a guide to help Marketing activities be implemented in the right direction.

A brand creates value. Brand gives that value to the user. Users pay for Brand. Brand receives money and raises volume. This is how the business operates.

For a marketer, mastering 6P will help the activities be consistent and effective, helping Marketing optimally simultaneously 2V – Volume for businesses and Value for consumers.

So, what role did each “P” play in that story? Let’s find out:

Proposition – “Promise” of the brand

Proposition – or brand positioning – is Brand’s promise to its Consumer. Proposition represents all of the “personality” of a brand and how it crept into Consumer’s Insight to satisfy their needs. A good brand is one that says what consumers like and needs and creates a good foundation for future volumes.

Nike’s slogan “Just do it” makes users more strong, confident and overcome their inertia to do what they want. With this value, Nike’s brand promise has been sustained for 20 years and has contributed to increasing the volume of its business.

But it must also be understood that Proposition alone is meaningless. Good positioning should be expressed by good communication messages, good packaging, good prices, appropriate selling points and most importantly, adequate product quality. Without Proposition, the brand will not last long, but without the support of 5P, Brand will be like a ward speaker, only draw “good words or ideas” that no one understands and no one believes.

Product – “Quality is gold!”

“Product is king!”. How and when the product is released to the market is the first thing to ensure, the product must be of good quality. This is the value directly brought to consumers.

Extremely speaking, if the product is not good, Marketing can “lure” people to buy for the first time, but probably will not have next time.

A bowl of pho, even though it has a flashy ad, runs a lot of TVC, is known by many people but the quality is not good, the users will not receive much value that it brings. Accordingly, the volume of the business will not be high.

Place – Not just a selling point

When mentioning Place, we not only talk about the places where products are sold but it covers all activities happening at the point of sale, all the messages / activities / Offers that Brand brings to Shopper to remind. them about the product and create a buying incentive.

For example, consumers watch TVC, advertise online and find their favorite new bottled tea. However, when they go to the convenience stores to find, they do not see them, or they find a similar tea but have posters, banners more attractive. Failure to operate at the point of sale will cause the volume to be adversely affected.

Price – How to make “good value for money”

Price is very flexible but also extremely sensitive. A product if it is too expensive will cause consumers to falter before withdrawing money to buy, too cheap, which will make Consumer feel suspicious. Therefore, price is the “most powerful” factor that greatly affects Volume and Brand Value.

There are many different types of prices. From the suggested price of the Brand, the price to the Retailer, the price on the shelves, … But the marketers should always remember: It doesn’t matter how many price types you have, the most important thing is still Perceived values ​​- the way Consumer thinks about price. A pair of shoes of VND 20,000,000 may be cheap but a toothpaste of VND 20,000 can be expensive, 90% of consumers do not remember the exact value of the item they buy. The most important thing is that based on the remaining P, Marketer must give Consumer the feeling of “good value for money”.

Packaging – “Good wood” must be “good with paint”

Nice or bad packaging will affect the likes or dislikes from consumers. Besides, for retailers, when displaying goods on shelves, if the design, the design of the packaging is too sophisticated, taking up a lot of display space, they may not put them on the counter. shelves. These factors are worth considering as they will affect the Volume.

Promotion – “Storyteller” for brands

A product no matter how nice, how wonderful that only that Brand knows, consumers do not know, it does not mean anything or value.

Promotion is the bridge that brings all the special things from the remaining 5P to Consumer, helping to raise the brand, making Consumer find the product “good value for money”, to understand and love Brand more.

To do that, Brand needs to know how to communicate the product on the right channel and what the right words are saying. The volume will come from Brand implementing the right communication activities, reaching the right target audience, and with the right message.

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