Japan is dubbed the “land of cherry blossoms”. Travel to Japan in March right in the spring time, cherry blossom season, plum blossom festival season. March Japan begins to warm, except for the northern part of Hokkaido that is still quite cold and snowy. The beginning of the month is the plum blossoms, and the early cherry blossoms of Kawazu-Zakura, and at the end of the month cherry blossoms bloom throughout Japan, including Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. This is the best time to travel to enjoy cherry blossoms, to welcome Japanese spring. Here are the main festivals in March
Flower viewing is art, beauty, and tradition of Japanese people. In March, when the blooming flowers bloom rapidly throughout Japan, people will picnic together with family, friends and colleagues chatting at the beginning of the year, drinking sake and enjoying flowers.

  1. Hina Matsuri (girl’s day)
    March 3 is a traditional holiday in Japan for girls (Hina Matsuri). On this day people hold a ceremony to wish for health and happiness for the girls. Festival with traditional dolls and small parties.
  2. Awashima Rowing Festival (Doll Floating Festival)
    March 3, Wakayama
    A festival associated with the girls’ festival, Awashima Doll Floating Festival, is held with the release of boats carrying baby dolls into the sea. It is believed that these dolls will carry bad things into the sea. The festival is held every year at Awashima temple in Wakayama.
  3. Katsuura Hinamatsuri
    March 3, Katsuura
    As part of a girl festival event, it is organized by performing a display of hilarious dolls in Katsuura.
  4. Omizutori Festival
    March 1 – 14, Nara
    A half-month festival of the capital city of Nara welcoming spring. End the festival with a grand fire in the oldest wooden palace (1,200 years) at Todaiji Temple.
  5. The Sumo Basho Spring Tournament
    Around the second half of March, Osaka
    This is an opportunity to watch the tournament of the sport so popular, and specific to Japan. The Japanese (and also the Vietnamese who have lived in Japan for a long time) love this sport.
  6. Play snow and ice skating
    March is a good month for ice and snow games in highland resorts.
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