Spirituality from Japanese charms

If you have the opportunity to visit Japan or explore the spiritual culture of this country, you will surely find keywords such as: Japanese lucky charm, Omamori lucky charm, Omamori charm. This is one of the popular lucky charms in Japan, currently being spread to other countries around the world.

So today I will introduce the concept and how to make lucky charms in Japan.

1 / What is Japanese lucky charm?

 Japanese lucky charm – Omamori is a small or smaller hand-shaped charm, symbolizing the Shinto god that helps bring luck and peace to its wearer. In Japan, you can see this charm in many people. From the neck strap, the hand to the hook in the bag and backpack.

Omamori is one of 6 popular charms in Japan. This type of amulet is often brought from the temple. However, nowadays there are many places where making charms and selling them are no longer available at the temple. You can find a way to make Japanese lucky charms yourself, but remember to have a magician in the temple to do magic to work.

2 / How to make Japanese lucky charms.

 Omamori charms are made of 3 main types as follows:

 Lucky charms are made from paper and wood:

People often write on paper or small pieces of wood lucky and powerful lines. Then wrap an outer layer of embroidery cloth in the shape of a bag. Especially do not open this bag because it is an act of disrespect and the magic in the charm will fly away.

 Japanese lucky charms are made in many different shapes such as bells, gourds, squash … with diverse materials.

This lucky charm can also follow the zodiac animal figure.

Among the lucky charms are also divided into different categories as well as different purposes such as: Charms for couples, charms for pregnant women, for drivers or business people. business. With this variety, Omamori is one of the lucky charms that Japanese people love and use.

 The Japanese lucky charm never ceases to be sacred, but many people recommend that it be best to change once a year. Do not use talismans to play, so it is an offensive act to the gods When you want to change the old charm, you have to go back to the original temple we used to make the charm, so that the magicians can have the most reasonable solution.

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