Raw Egg on Rice – A surprisingly simple and delicious Japanese breakfast

Tamago Kakegohan is a popular Japanese breakfast dish. People often eat this mixed rice dish with miso soup or Tsukemono pickled vegetables. This rice dish is made very simply, the egg can be mixed or simply put on top.

Tamago kake gohan (卵 か け ご 飯, egg on rice) or Tamago gohan is a popular staple in the breakfast of every Phu Tang country. But recently Tamago Kake Gohan is commonly eaten at all meals in Japan. This is a traditional Japanese food bowl, they beat raw eggs or mix eggs into rice and add some cilantro sauce to the bowl of white rice. The reason people often use Tamago-Kake-Gohan at meals is: It is an easy dish that is made and made from raw materials at a low price.

In Japanese, “tamago” means “egg”, “gohan” means “rice” and “kake”, short for “kakeru”, meaning “to pour into”. According to a story, this dish Tamaro Kakegohan was first eaten by Mr. Ginko Kishida, a pioneer in the field of journalism in Japan, and this dish also has its own soy sauce to accompany. When staying in a Japanese-style hotel, you will be served Tamaro Kakegohan for breakfast.

To create Tamago Kake Gohan you need


1 bowl of hot rice
1 chicken egg (remember to choose a chicken egg with a guaranteed source!)
Scallions, soy sauce
Dashi broth (optional)


Step 1: First, you prepare the eggs! Because eggs will act as a sauce to mix with rice, so pay attention to choose clean eggs, ensure the source and remember to see the expiry date too!
Step 2: Soak off and then chop the green onion.
Step 3: Cook the rice. You need a really hot bowl of rice!
Step 4: Finally, you turn the rice into a bowl, beat an egg on top while the rice is hot, add scallions, soy sauce and a little dashi broth to complete.

Mix up and enjoy!

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