Significance of the five yen coin

When it comes to the currency units of each country, you will probably be wondering what is interesting about each currency. If the US dollar, 2 USD bills are considered lucky money, in Japan, 5 yen coin is considered extremely lucky money for Japanese people.

The 5 yen copper is made from brass and zinc, 22 mm in diameter, 1.5 mm thick, weighs 3.75 grams. The 5 yen coin face (五 円 硬 貨 Go-en Koka) is one of the names of Japanese yen. The designs were first cast in 1959 using Japanese characters. The front of the coin is a picture of a rice plant growing out of water, with “5 yen” written in Chinese characters; are again stamped with the word “Japan” and the year of publication, also in Chinese characters, separated by seedlings. The three graphic elements of the coin represent agriculture and fisheries, the main elements of Japan’s leading economy. As for the round hole in money, the Japanese people believe that it means a direct look towards the future. This is a Japanese currency printed entirely in words without numbers on both sides.

Japanese for “five yen,” Go-en (五 円) is a homonym for go-en (御 縁), “en” is a word to connect cause and effect or relationships, and “go” is a respectable prefix. Therefore, the five-yen coin is often said to be a offering at the Shinto shrine with the intention of establishing a good connection with the gods of the temple, and many believe that putting a 5-yen coin into the wallet In order to give to others or when you receive your first salary, you put a coin in your wallet, which brings you luck in money, business, friendship and in the road. love.

That is the reason why 5 Yen becomes extremely lucky money for Japanese people, if you are interested, try to find and store a 5 yen in your wallet!

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