Four Best Free Online Meeting Software.

Currently, the method of online meeting has become famous in the world, but some businesses in Vietnam have not yet implemented it. The main reason is the high investment cost, and more because of the ingenious tradition of corporate meetings and the lives of businesses. So today, through this article, we would like to introduce you to the 4 free software that supports the most popular online meeting today. This is an approach that helps business meetings be more effective and is also a trial model for businesses before deciding to use the large video conferencing system.

Skype is a software that allows texting, calling or video calling is very famous and completely free. In addition to the above feature, skype also supports the group call feature with image support to apply for small online meeting activities.

The uses:

Skype is supported on computers or mobile phones, tablets, and TVs. You only need to create a completely free account above, you can use up to 100 hours / month, 10 hours / day and 4 hours / meeting. When the meeting time is up, it switches to normal call mode

Skype does not limit the number of participants to the meeting, but its advice is up to 5 people to ensure a better meeting quality. This affects the number of people using this feature and the international internet speed.


Skype uses SILK codec developed by skype to bring the best quality, voice quality does not change. The image uses VP8 open coding standard developed by google and H.264. These are 2 features that are not different from other online meeting software.

2.Google Hangout
Google Hangout is a feature developed with the google plus service of Google. To use, users only need to have a gmail account and immediately call into this account to use.


Google Hangout is used on any kind of computer because it can run directly on Chrome browser. Google hangout for mobile on iOS and

Google Hangout can be run directly on the Chrome browser so you can use it with any computer. On mobile, Google Hangout supports two popular platforms, iOS and Android, and runs best on Android because it is a child of Google.

Google Hangout is completely free like other Google services. The maximum speed during a Group Video Call meeting is 10 people. This is a pretty impressive number. However, to ensure meeting quality, Google Hangout recommends using up to 5 people.


Google uses Vidyo’s proprietary image encoder. This is the application technology standard H.264-SVC capable of better error correction and adapt quickly to the transmission line as slow as 3G. The image quality of Google Hangout is quite good even for those with slow internet speeds. However, because the software runs as a Brower add-in, there will be feature limitations and have not implemented all other features of the highly configured computer.

3.TrueConf Online
TrueConf is Russia’s leading online meeting solution software. The world’s cloud computing application, TrueConf offers TrueConf Online service based on its TrueConf Server platform.


TrueConf supports all computer and mobile operating systems and both Chrome and Firefox browsers.

TrueConf Online is only free up to 3 points, if you want to expand by 250 points, you have to pay an extra fee. TrueConf Online allows you to download server software for installation on a separate video conferencing system

TrueConf has 4 hopk mode with different purposes: Video call, multi-point video conferencing, online meeting, virtual room meeting.


TrueConf Online delivers quality images, which are a bit like Google Hangout because TrueConf uses the H.264-SVC encoder on VP8. Of course the quality is more assured as this is a costly service. This is the recommended software for businesses if you want to ensure high stability and security.

Vsee is a software that uses a peer-to-peer connection model to replace the server center other than today’s online meeting software. This software is installed on the computer and exchanges images directly with each other.


Vsee does not limit the number of points to attend a meeting because it uses a peer-to-peer connection model. However, it depends a lot on computer configuration. Your computer must be highly configured and rarely use other programs to participate at the same time. Another disadvantage is that you cannot control the meeting yourself, so it is very suitable for team work.

Vsee currently only supports Ipad, not Iphone, and only supports Linux with iOS


The quality of Vsee depends on the computer configuration and the internet connection. Best service when using 4-5 people for a meeting. Good image quality.

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