Travel advice for coronavirus outbreak period

Currently, Corona disease, also known as Covid-19, is still a concern for countries around the world because the disease can spread quickly, but symptoms usually flare up after 14 days to ensure safety. for yourself and those around you. Acute respiratory infections due to the new strain of Corona virus are acute infectious diseases, so people need to protect themselves as a regular birth, wash their hands with soap immediately after contact with clothes. objects to avoid raising hands, eyes, nose, mouth.

Use a facemask when communicating with people outside and change it often to keep it clean. Because this is a respiratory disease, sneezes or coughs when a person needs to use a tissue or a hand to cover and regularly rinse your mouth with antiseptic mouthwash. If you feel any of the following signs, you should urgently go to the nearest hospital or health department to check for risks.

Sufferers often have symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, severe cases of pneumonia, which can cause acute respiratory failure and the risk of death especially in people who have had chronic illness, background disease. So far, the disease has no specific treatment drugs and vaccines, so please pay attention not to focus in crowded places. Houses must be regularly cleaned and opened to provide better air. Boost your health by eating lots of fruits, drinking plenty of fluids and getting enough sleep to avoid weakness.

At the time of the outbreak, traveling between countries is being strictly controlled because the airport is the most crowded place to travel, you should prepare yourself some protection tips. travel when and where you should or should travel during this Corona outbreak.

Woman hand take alcohol cleaning gel from gel bottle on gray background

Tourists should pay attention to regular hand washing with antibacterial soap and water and make sure to rub for at least 20 seconds to kill bacteria after touching objects such as money, public items ( doorknob, wiper), wash your hands before putting your hands on your face or mask (a dirty mask can make you sick, too). If there is no water or soap to use right away, it can be replaced with a dry hand sanitizer instead. Note that visitors should use a dry hand gel with an alcohol content of 70% or higher to ensure safety for themselves. Do not use homemade, self-produced gel / hand wash products sold online. society to ensure personal safety.

When traveling, tourists should limit contact with shared items such as blankets or magazines, dining tables, handles. If the flight is too long than 4 hours, you should prepare a pillow to bring before you fly. On choosing for themselves domestic flights to enjoy yet more safe to avoid countries with strong outbreaks of disease!

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