A unique Japanese style sand bath by the ocean at Beppu, Oita

Beppu is well known as Japan’s “hot spring city” because it is famous for its many hot springs and relaxing onsen baths. However, besides onsen baths, visitors to Beppu also experience a unique sand bath.

Along with onsen baths, sand baths are considered as one of the methods to relax and treat well, promote blood circulation, beautify the skin, restore energy for the body … Sand is used when experiencing sand bathing in This is a moist sand, warmed from the natural heat of the groundwater.


After paying, you will receive a Yukata suit, usually men’s wear will be dark blue, women’s will be red or light pink. Next, you will enter the changing room and change Yukata. Note that you need to remove all clothing and only wear Yukata. Once you have changed, you will be taken to a sand bath area, laid down, with your head on a wooden pillow.

As the cut is applied all over, you will gradually feel the warmth of the sand and the heat is spreading throughout the body. Close your eyes, enjoy the relaxation and listen to your own body. It takes about 15 minutes for a sand bath because if you take a long bath, your skin could be damaged by heat. After leaving the sand, you can continue to enjoy the relaxing feeling at hot onsen.

Japanese woman being buried in sand bath at Beppu, one of the very few places in Japan where sand or mud are also used for spa treatments. Beppu’s sand bath is conveniently located on Shoningahama Beach

Normally, there will be instructional tables on sand bathing so you can refer to to know more about the process. To avoid crowding, you should experience sand bathing in the early morning, when people are not many and quite a few guests. If you arrive during rush hour, you may have to wait quite a long time. In the meantime, relax at the foot baths.

In addition to sand baths and onsen baths, visitors to Beppu can also visit hot springs, famous hot springs such as Umi Jigoku hot spring and Kamado Jigoku hot spring or Oniishi Bozu Jigoku hot spring.

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