Check out 2019’S best new Japanese products.

With our ever evolving and advancing technology and trends, they best way to stay up to date and in the know is by getting the newest gadgets and inventions! Japan has always been known to come up with the craziest and cutest inventions that can either shock you, or leave you squealing with excitement. Not only are Japan’s products unique with good shock value, they are also high quality and meticulously made, usually at reasonable price. Still this is a country that loves their limited edition products and luxury top of the line accessories. I have compiled a list of what I think this year’s most practical and interesting products down below. Let’s check them out!


Let’s start this list off with something that only Japan could make, and that is Nami’s hand on the back of an iPhone case. This phone case can be used as a centerpeice for cheeky conversations with your coworkers, or for a weekend night in, when you just want to wrap yourself in a blanket and hold someone’s hand. The company that makes these is called Hamee, and boy are they high quality! Japan’s figures and their attention to detail is unlike anywhere else in the world so you can expect the best from this product. Modeled perfectly like a woman’s hand and soft to the touch, this product is well worth the price point!


Japan is always looking for innovative ways to create new products while staying true to tradition. This product is truly a fusion of the past and the future. Whole Love Kyoto takes old products and makes something new out of it. This cap is made out of a chochin, a Japanese paper lantern. The product itself is made out of wood and paper, by the prominent lantern company Minori. This is a definitely a statement piece and sure to turn some heads, so I recommend wearing it on special occasions and out of the rain, as it is made out of paper.


These fluffy marshmallows are not just too good to eat but also too good not to buy. They are made in the shape of the doggie’s face with adorable printed expressions and colors. These plump delights have a delicious filling on the inside and taste as good as they look. They are the perfect gift to give as each dog is packaged meticulously inside a beautiful box.


Japan is known for their love of cat products, with kitty shaped socks, stickers, hairbands, and so much more. One traditional Japanese shoe company by the name of NaraGetaya decided to make geta, Japanese sandals shaped like a cat, and the world has caught onto the craze. These cute shoes come in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes, making this a perfect gift for the kids or girlfriend!


Japan has done it again, they have taken something ordinary like drinking tea, and found a way to make it a topic of conversation! This year, the company Ocean Teabags came out with a line of unique tea filled bags in the shape of ocean creatures that seem to come alive in your cup. These teabags add a bit of flair to your regular afternoon tea drinking routine. People just can’t get enough of how adorable these little critters are!


Everyone knows how hot summers in Japan can be, so Thanko Online Shop came out with a practical and everyday product that everyone can use to not only stay out of the sun, but also to cool down. It is like a regular umbrella, but with a mist fan installed in it, giving you five hours of cool air on 4 AA batteries. You may think, “Well where does the water come from?”, and the answer is, your water bottle! That’s right, you can just attach a regular water bottle to the bottom of the umbrella, making it simple and mess-free. This company makes practical and interesting gear of all kinds so check them out on their website!


Japan and their unusual love of all things miniature has brought to you a tiny coin case in the shape of a rice cooker. The case is about the size of 500 yen coin, so you can imagine just how tiny it really is. While it may not be the most practical for carrying your loose change, it is unusual and unique. They come in a variety of different colors and can be found in gatcha toy machines all around Japan, so next time you are exploring the city, you may be so lucky as to find one of these! They hold up to ten 100 yen coins, or can be used to store accessories and small stationary items.


If your childhood was anything like mine, then you will be sure to love this next product. Street Fighter was my go-to game as a kid, and my all-time character was of course Chun Li. Of her special attacks, my favorite was definitely the spinning bird kick. Its about time they made some awesome kicks in honer of her legendary kicks! These new shoes by the company Onitsuka Tiger came out on July 27, and will be available in their stores, so grab them before they are all snatched up! They are sure to make a unique addition to any shoe collection!


The summer is about the worst time in terms of bugs and mosquitos, as those pesky critters can really break your vacation spirit. In countries like Tokyo, where the summers are really hot and humid, people use mosquito repellent incense in their homes. They are not the most attractive decoration, so the company Village Vanguard decided to make an incense holder out of miniature cats and anglerfish. They are cute to look at and good for bug protection! You can get these from their website or on Amazon.


This new product is my number one favorite on the list, just because they are too beautiful to look at. They are from a company that started this innovative glassware design from Japan’s crowdfunding website, Makuake. This particular series is named minaniwa, and it features hand blown glassware that resembles a water ripple. Eating on these works of art almost seems like eating off of liquid itself. Under natural lighting, it can be hard to tell the difference between the plate and a puddle of water! This will 100% make a wonderful addition to any kitchen and will be sure to impress the guests.


Those traveling with their little baby may be shocked to find out that Japan did not carry ready made baby formula until earlier this year! Due to the natural disasters that have occurred throughout the country, they decided that having ready made formula was a necessity as an emergency baby food. Thank God they did, because it can be hard to travel with a little one without some backup milk! The company Ezaki Glico is responsible for creating Japan’s very first liquid formula that can last you up to six months!


Anime lovers rejoice! One, because 20 years ago, the legendary anime One Piece was born, and has since come out with a whopping 800 episodes and counting! The second reason to celebrate is because to commemorate this special year, Bandai Spirits has released top of the line signature accessories that are sure to make their fans jealous! They have come out with 9 uniquely designed charms that are the perfect addition to a bracelet, necklace, or ring. Of the collection, my favorite would definitely be Luffy’s iconic straw hat!


This new gadget is not only practical and multi-funtional, it is also perfect for those who love to travel or want to learn more about a language. This translating device is not like the others, as it has the ability to translate photographs and speech of 72 languages! You can message others on this device and get their responses translated to you in your language, making communication with people from all over the world easy and enjoyable. Their wi-fi tethering allows you to connect up to six devices and it is all in all a lifesaver of a device for those who frequently travel abroad.

Every new year spawns unforgettable new gadgets and unusual hot inventions, and Japan is on the forefront, coming out with the most outrageous and popular new items that consumers can’t stop talking about. Be on the lookout for unique toys or products when you explore the city, as I’m sure they will be a topic of conversation when you return!

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