8 Must-Try Traditional Japanese Dishes that you may not know

In addition to familiar dishes such as sushi, ramen noodles, octopus balls …, Japanese cuisine also has many unique dishes. Each region has its own specialties, such as the Tohoku region on Honshu island.

Harako meshi はらこ飯

Salmon is an important ingredient in Tohoku and Harako meshi cuisine (salmon rice with fish eggs) is a regional specialty. This dish is often made in family gatherings, each house has its own processing. Pieces of cooked salmon are served on rice, adding a bit of roe.

Persimmons fruit stuffed 柿の白和え

Persimmon fruit is taken and formed into a bowl, then the core of the persimmon mixed with other autumn fruits such as grapes, pears, apples, adding a sauce from pine nuts and tofu called shira ae.

Hittsumi-jiru  ひっつみ汁

Hittsumi-jiru means “Pinched noodle soup with pork”. This dish is very popular in Tohoku, with quite thick broth, adding noodles, pork, mushrooms and many other vegetables.

Oyster hotpot  牡蠣のどて鍋

Miso soup is added little by little, seasoning and vegetables, simmer. Oysters are dipped in to eat until cooked and eaten hot.

Kokeshi Lunch Box

This dish of mixed tofu and vegetables is presented in a box shaped like a Kokeshi doll – a famous souvenir of the Tohoku region.

Kobu maki

New Year’s special dishes are called osechi, arranged in boxes of many drawers. In it indispensable kobu maki, delicious salmon algae roll.

Shiso maki

Shiso maki means Plum Paste & Perilla Leaves Rolls. In this dish, chestnuts and miso are mixed with roasted sesame before rolling in shiso leaves. Then, they are cooked with sesame oil.

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