Katsu Kare – Japanese people’s favorite foods!

In Japanese cuisine, many dishes that are originally imported from foreign countries are gradually modified. For example, ramen is originally a Chinese noodle dish but has been changed by the Japanese and become a separate cultural feature, famous all over the world. Curry is also one of them.

Japanese curry is completely different from the curry of other countries around the world. Curry in Japan has a unique evolutionary step, becoming the favorite dish of Japanese people with “curry rice”. This dish is always on the menu from luxurious houses to popular restaurants, each family has their own curries, and curry rice is also a favorite in the lunch menu. at school. Every summer camping, almost everyone will default to cooking curry, so localities in Japan always have curries that use the special ingredients of that area, helping the region’s economy grow. more.

And yet, the curry flavor is also used to prepare other dishes, or even junk food, such as cup ramen noodles, fried yakisoba noodles, curry dumplings, curry Korokke potato pie. , curry-flavored snacks and more. If you have curry on par with Ramen – Japanese national food, it’s not too much to say!

A very common variation of Japanese curry is katsu kare (カツカレー), which is a dish of regular Japanese curry rice plus a piece of tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet) put on top. In the scope of this article, let’s find out about the most popular dishes on the curry menu. That is katsukare – Pork cutlet rice with curry sauce.

The combination of fried meat (Katsu age) and curry (Kare)

In the early days of coming to Japan, curry sauce was not very popular due to the way it took a lot of time and effort. But in 1926, when the food company House Food launched the “Instant curry sauce” spice made from ingredients such as curry powder, wheat flour, oil, and flavorings … it was easy for everyone. This dish is easily processed at home, when the new curry is really “booming” in Japan. You can use any kind of meat such as beef, pork, chicken to prepare with vegetables such as sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, simmer with a sufficient amount of broth, stew with fire. just add the curry sauce and dissolve it

Curry cooked with beef will be beef curry, cooked with pork will be pork curry, and if cooked with chicken, of course it will be chicken curry. Depending on the family, the ingredients and taste will be different, but the taste that is most familiar to each person will definitely be “ofukuro curry” (in Japanese, “ofukuro” means mother, in other words this is is “Mother cooked curry”).

Curry rice is also delicious, but the fried meat is also good, so when combined, it will create a “twice as good” dish. Moreover, this dish looks especially plump so it is very popular among Japanese men.

You can find this katsukare anywhere in Japan

Like ramen, katsukare is a national dish of Japan, so it is available everywhere in Japan. From katsukare eateries to cafes, western restaurants, and many restaurants that serve katsukare. So as long as you feel katsukare craving it can immediately find restaurants.

So if you come to Japan to travel, try this dish!

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