Purify your mind with 5 simple mental detox steps

We often come across messages about the importance of detox, periodic body detox, but have you ever been urged to “mentally detox”, “detox” the mind? Because mental and physical health are closely related, tidying up your mind will also help your body be younger and healthier.

After a period of stress, grief, self-doubt or being lost in everyday life, negative emotions are loaded with toxins. Meanwhile, the spirit needs to be “detox” to get rid of unhealthy thinking, creating empty space to help the brain relax and feel more relaxed. Thinking can become a source of power if you purify your mind regularly, sincerely caring for it like any other part of your body.

Below, ELLE introduces you to simple but effective mental “detox” methods, together with you step by step to relieve the stress and chaos in your mind to live happier.

In daily life, people always do all the work and hands, the mind is focused on the to-do list and the problems to be solved. Busy constantly like that, we rarely realize the “cry for help” overload of the brain, or the emotional changes in a worse direction. Therefore, forming a personal awareness about the need for mind purification is an important key to a healthy life.

girl meditating with nature
Listen to the body to promptly “emergency” spirit. Photo: Pexels.

You can find what your mind needs by listening to your body. The body always provides information directly about your mental state, as long as you stop for a moment to receive and decode those messages.

Pause all activities for a while and feel whether you have stiff shoulders, face, heart palpitations, cramping stomach, or any unusual feeling. Try the “full-body scan” method: Sit upright in a chair, put your hands on your lap and close your eyes. Then, breathe evenly and focus on “sweeping” the entire body from top to bottom, stopping at each part in turn and paying attention to how it feels. This is a way for you to practice and practice your own spiritual “detox” needs.

Having emotions, whether negative or positive, is perfectly normal. Stress and anxiety are also part of the brain’s natural response. In fact, they are the way the brain announces that something is wrong, something you have to pay attention to. Only when accepting the feelings you are having is also a part of human experience, you can create more space for yourself to deal with them. Deal with, not avoid, or repress – bad habits only make negative emotions rush back again, more intensely at times when you’re not anticipating.

One of the most effective ways to cultivate empathy for yourself is to practice treating your emotions the same way you treat your loved ones. Liberate yourself from the burden of guilt and shame whenever you feel tired, miserable, bored by welcoming them with an attitude of understanding, willingness to help, and love.

Girl leaning on your shoulder
Sharing emotions will amplify your mental strength. Photo: Pexels.

Creating connections with people around you will help you develop the ability to empathize, be open, accept your own emotions. The brain will receive and process emotions in a completely new way every time you bravely speak, say what you feel. When you openly share honestly with others, you will reveal a weaker and more vulnerable side. At first, those feelings seem insecure and uncomfortable, but they are not a bad thing. The weakness that unites people, and the feeling of being connected, shared will amplify your mental strength.

So right now, plan a workout, go for a walk, gather for a meal, coffee, date a friend, or any activity that gives you time to really get along with the community. and with yourself.

wooden desk
House cleaning is also a form of mind cleaning. Photo: Pexels.

Spiritual “Detox” is not necessarily the invisible work that takes place inside the brain. You can completely purify your mind by changing your surroundings.

Cleaning up your living space can be as simple as turning your phone into silent mode for a few hours, or rearranging your desk. On a larger scale, you can choose to leave the noisy, smoky life in the city to the suburbs, mingling with nature every weekend. The actual external changes have a certain impact on your internal state. So, be careful and pay attention to the things, things, people around you.

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