Let’s cook at home in quaratine period: Quick & cheap Japanese traditional beef bowl – Gyudon

Beef has long been a pure and indispensable dish of human cuisine. Among the Japanese beef dishes, one that is delicious, easy to eat, and affordable, it is Gyudon – rice and beef fried with Japanese-style onions! This dish is basically like fried beef and onion of Vietnam, so it is very delicious, easy to eat and easy to make, Japanese-style seasoning creates a unique and very attractive flavor.

Gyudon (牛 丼 meaning “bowl of beef”) is Japanese rice with beef. The main ingredients are rice in a large and deep bowl, above is beef cooked with onions and sweet sauce made from dashi (usually dashi from fish or seaweed), soy sauce and mirin (rice wine sweet). Gyudon is also often eaten with shirataki noodles, and sometimes eaten with raw chicken eggs.

This is a very popular dish in Japan. Gyudon-accompanied foods include beni shoga (pickled ginger), shichimi (paprika) and may be accompanied by miso soup (soup made from soy sauce). Gyu means “beef” or “beef”, and don stands for donburi, in Japanese the “bowl”.

In addition, this Gyudon dish also has another special charm that is widely sold at Gyudon-selling franchised stores in Japan such as Sukiya; Yoshinoya, … Especially, Gyudon in these restaurants is very diverse with many new and unique combinations such as Stir-fried Beef with onion, Cheese, Kim Chi, with chopped scallion, with raw eggs …

Some large restaurant chains in Matsuya sell gyudon with the name gyumeshi (牛 め し). Every dish is delicious but the price is very reasonable! A large Guydon bowl costs about 4 to 5 USD, so Gyudon is considered a cheap and quality dish in Japan!

Due to the trend of legalization with the West (Duy Tan Minh Tri period), people of cherry blossoms have experienced meat processing since that time such as Yakitori (grilled chicken), Yakiniki (grilled meat). , … is the dish of Japanese meat that was invented to this day and is popular with many people. And of course Gyudon is no exception, the meat dishes served by the indigenous and Western settlements have gradually become popular throughout Japan.

Gyudon today is a dish considered by the public to be the origin of gyumeshi, a dish of ancient Sukiyakidon, where thinly sliced ​​beef is cooked with vegetables in a pot after being cooked and served on rice. in a bowl. In 1862, gyumeshi became a popular dish of the Kanto region. In 1899, Ekichi Matsuda – a famous Japanese chef opened a restaurant in Yoshinoya, Tokyo.

From the Taisho period (1912) to the beginning of the Showa period (1926), the use of cheap beef and the rapid growth of Yatai (roadside restaurants) in places like Asakusa blew a breath of fresh air. promote culinary development of beef in Phu Tang country. Although traditional gyudon is served with ingredients like Konnyaku, scallions and grilled tofu, most restaurants serve it as a stir-fried beef dish with onions.

How to make a simple gyudon:


1 large onion
Onions / Scallions
340 g) thinly sliced ​​beef
1 tbsp. oil
2 tsp. Street
2 tbsp. sake
2 tbsp. mirin
1 tbsp. soy
3 large eggs (optional), beaten
3 cups Japanese rice
Pickled red ginger

Sliced ​​onions, meat cut into small pieces.
Heat the oil in high heat until the onions are soft.
-Add meat and sugar and cook until golden.
-Add sake, mirin and soy sauce.
-Reduce heat and simmer until candied water.
-Pour meat and add eggs to bowl of rice to add scallions and pickled ginger.

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