Skyscraper from origami paper saves the world

Thousands of homeless people after the disaster will be saved very quickly.
A skyscraper that folds down like origami origami, is taken to new areas affected by natural disasters and provides shelter for hundreds of people. It sounds like a dream, but this is a real idea, and will likely be applied in the future.
Specifically, this idea was created by a group of Polish architects named in the framework of the annual skyscraper design competition organized by eVolo magazine. The building can be bundled up, tied at the base of a helicopter to transport anywhere.

The most important structure of the building is the internal helium balloon system, which can inflate at will. The design won eVolo’s award after surpassing 525 other ideas that were also top notch.
It is known that is the hard work of three Polish designers Damian Granosik, Jakub Kulisa, and Piotr Pańczyk. The basic idea was to design a building that would allow construction almost immediately, even on rough ground.

According to the evaluation council, only requires an area equal to 1/30 of the number needed when setting up the relief tents. The panels made from 3D printing technology will be attached to helium balloons, and then gradually raised.
Depending on the amount of air injected, the number of floors may vary. Meaning, just a form is enough to flexibly respond to unpredictable situations such as natural disasters or natural disasters. Moreover, because it can be installed on an uneven ground, the relief cleanup job is greatly reduced.

“Disaster happens more and more. When faced with such a strong force, the relief work is often not very effective ”- the group said.

“Whether it is an earthquake, flood or tornado – they need help as soon as possible. But it is easy to say, it is difficult to renew, because roads are destroyed, or in remote areas, it will be very difficult to help. ”

“ was born to solve this problem. Can create a large amount of floor surface, easy to transport, re-install extremely easy. Too many problems can be solved by it. ”
Besides, the competition has many other impressive designs. As 2nd place is Jinja: Tony Leung’s sacred temple building, or 3rd prize is Claudio C Araya Arias with the project never burns the building.

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