Nimono is a stew dish. This dish may have to use quite a lot of ingredients. Many kinds of vegetables, meat or beans, seafood, mushrooms … are used to cook this nutritious side dish. Nimono is eaten hot, it will warm everyone’s stomach during the cold winter, but in fact almost Japanese can eat it anytime of the year. The Japanese are very interesting with Nimono because its taste is sweet, greasy, with the fragrance of shiitakes and other spices. This dish does not get bored because there are some types of tubers, fruits that increase the fruity sweetness.

Tsukemono is a very simple but delicious delicacy. In simple words, this is typical Japanese pickles. How to make this dish is not too difficult, just soaked vegetables with spices and a little sesame seeds only. One of the famous pickles in Japanese culinary arts is aemono – spinach dish marinated with sesame oil.

Recently, in Japanese habits, people can use tsukemono to make appetizers, snacks or to decorate / topping for the main dish.

The main dish of Japanese people
Now we will talk about “the main star” in Japanese meals. Typically, the main dish in a Japanese-style meal is yakizakana (grilled fish), tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet), or nikujaga (sweet and sour stew). Sometimes the Japanese will change to karaage (fried chicken).

Yakakakana (grilled fish)
Yakizakana is a familiar grilled fish dish, traditional of Japan. The grilled fish are usually salmon, mackerel, snapper, freshwater fish … The Japanese often grilled fish simply, adding a little spice to highlight the natural flavor of the fish rather than using it. Sauce or spicy smell.

Tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet)
Tonkatsu is not a raw dish but a very well cooked dish. Deep-fried pork cutlet brings a fragrant flavor with soft cooked pieces, crispy outer skin is very crispy. This is a popular dish in Japan, not only because of its deliciousness, appeal but also because of many meanings.

Nikujaga (sweet and sour stew)
Nikujaga is a very popular dish in Japan during the chilly weather. As the name implies, the ingredients of this dish are meat and potatoes. The ingredients are cooked in soy sauce with a variety of vegetables, konnyaku potatoes. Nowadays, Nikujaga is a familiar dish in Japanese meals. This dish is not too picky, simple but has a very special flavor.

In the land of the rising sun, if you walk along the walking streets, you will see many shops serving casual meals with familiar dishes, family as above. The price is not expensive, usually 1,100 yen / meal ~ 225,000 VND).

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