If you love Japanese classic cars, you definitely have to come to this exhibition

With events like Nostalgic 2 Days, one can see that classic car exhibitions are gaining ground in Japan.
Perhaps you have never heard of the name Nostalgic 2 Days before. It’s not a big international auto show like the Tokyo Motor Show, and it’s not as crazy as the Tokyo Auto Salon. Despite being quiet for a while, Nostalgic 2 Days celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, and it is definitely an exhibition worth a visit if you love classic Japanese cars.

Although held at the large Yokohama Pacifico exhibition center, the scale of this antique car exhibition is small and less spectacular than the other exhibits, but it is a separate attractive part of it. Perhaps the fact that it’s not held in Tokyo is part of the reason why it feels so authentic. Only held in the last two days of 17-18 / 2, and this year’s event has attracted more than 27,000 attendees to see 276 antique cars on display, creating an unforgettable nostalgic space.

In fact, Japan has many events focused on classic cars, but the problem is knowing where and when they are held. Over 10 times, Nostalgic 2 Days has become bigger and better. But even though it has been paying more attention lately, we can easily see that it is not as crowded and crowded as at a large exhibition. The cars are well laid out and never have a large crowd appearing in both days.

The organizer of this exhibition is Nostalgic Hero magazine, an important factor that makes this a classic car exhibition made by fans and for fans. They say that Nostalgic 2 Days is the largest trade show for classic Japanese cars, similar to the role of Tokyo Auto Salon in the field of vehicle customization.

The main difference here is that Nostalgic 2 Days has almost no models in each stall and therefore does not have a metamorphosis old man. This means that everyone present at this exhibition is because of the car, or the car-related things. Normally, it is held a month after the Tokyo Auto Salon, so you see some custom cars reappear here, but they are all weird cars before 2000.

Last year, the main manufacturers were not seen, the number of vehicles on display came from dealers and specialized stores. This year, however, Toyota, BMW, Volvo, Subaru, and Mazda all have booths in the middle of the hall to show off some of their beloved classic cars as well as the equivalent modern version.

While BMW has the E28 M5, Volvo has a cool trio of cars, and Subaru has a few weird cars, the new Toyota GR Sports 800 Concept really stands out. It is a fully restored model by Gazoo Racing and has been increased from 40 horsepower to 75 horsepower, plus the reworked interior.

Not only on display, classic models at Nostalgic 2 Days can also be sold at high prices, especially if you fancy a Skyline. No matter where you look, you can see the silhouette of a Skyline Hakosuka or Kenmeri.

Right in front of the entrance is where some of the best cars from the exhibition are displayed. This year, one can see the Toyota 2000GT priced at 113 million yen (about VND 24 billion) and a Hakosuka Skyline GT-R. But the rare item is a red Kenmeri GT-R, because only 7 of them have ever been shipped, but that is the price of 98 million yen (nearly 21 billion) of it here. really crazy
In addition to countless Skyline models with different versions and types, 2000GT is also a very popular classic car and we can see the presence of a few different models. The price for them is around $ 1 million, although one previously sold at the Tokyo Auto Salon “only” costs nearly $ 800,000.
But if you really want a car that looks like a 2000 GT without a high price like a real one, you can find Rocky Auto’s “3,000” imitation. The chassis of the car is completely new and made by Rocky Auto itself, the engine is from Toyota’s 2JZ and can be paired with either a 6-speed manual gearbox or a 4-speed automatic transmission. The price for 3000GT will only be about 187,000 USD, not cheap but obviously much softer than the original 2000GT.
With events like Nostalgic 2 Days, one can see that classic car exhibitions are gaining ground in Japan. Coming to these events, visitors can come across cars they have never seen and experience a very special sense of nostalgia.

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