Top 10 most famous fashion brands in Japan

Dubbed the “Asian Fashion Capitals” Japan has been striving to become the world’s fashion leader. Inspired by Western fashion combined with oriental sophistication, Japanese fashion designs are works of art that are loved and loved by young people. Japanese fashion brands want to bring creativity that expresses individuality and confidence for each customer through each design. Let Sakura Fashion make a list of 10 most famous fashion brands in Japan.

1. Uniqlo

Uniqlo Japanese fashion brand specializes in casual style with high applicability, for all types of customers regardless of class, occupation, age. Uniqlo’s fashion items are very diverse such as: Clothes, dresses, office wear, coats, warm jackets, fashion accessories, … designed simply with exquisite beauty, easy to mix. thing. People can mix Uniqlo products in many different styles to suit personal fashion, ensuring convenience for daily activities. Uniqlo Japan usually organizes the liquidation of the inventory of old seasonal collections creating monumental sales offs.

2. Bape (A Bathing Ape)

As a street fashion brand for men, women and children, Bape (A Bathing Ape) is famous for its “cool” products with unique and recognizable unique textures. The symbol of Bape is the monkey logo and the typical product is a camouflage jacket with coverage across the border, which has received the warm love of many young people. Bape fashion brand often combines many other brands to create unique and unique fashion products.

3. Beams

Founded in 1976, the Beams fashion brand aims to build a basic street fashion style, creating a sense of comfort and fun to wear, of course, the quality of durable fabric is an important factor. weighted top. Beams brand store covers everywhere in the country of cherry blossoms and many countries around the world, bringing youthful and creative items, which are diverse designs for men, women and children.

4. Muji

The most famous casual wear manufacturer in Japan, the Muji brand not only specializes in men and women fashion, but also owns an affordable high-quality furniture product line. Muji uses recycled materials and natural materials in production with a modern, minimalist but sophisticated design that is suitable for everyone. Every Japanese wants to own something from the Muji brand in their home! Currently Muji has more than 7000 diverse fashion items, exquisite and close to customers’ choice.

5. Hysteric Glamor

Inspired by simple and convenient American style, Hysteric Glamor brand brought the “soul” of American culture in the 1960s and 80s such as rock music, art, cuisine, … Fashion Gu. Super quality with the style of “dust” shown by jeans, full of military clothes has made a strong impression on young people not only in Japan but also in many countries around the world. The Hysteric Glamor brand is also known for its technology element, always applying the latest technology to develop beautiful materials and graphics on each product.

6. Cecil McBee

Cecil Mc Bee Shop is the most popular fashion shopping place that many young girls love at the Shibuya 109 shopping mall. Cecil McBee fashion brand for girls in their twenties Lovely comfort just towards the charm of teenage girl. Because the target audience is teenage girls, Cecil McBee has a reasonable price, from 1000-19000 yen per set. This is a fashion brand that is loved by many stylish girls, typically pop singer Ayumi Hamasaki.

7. Wego

Wego’s brand is the ideal shopping address for devotees of Harajuku unique fashion. The Tod brand is geared toward multi-style street designs for men and women, comfortable and flexible in bright colors. Tod’s products are suitable for teenagers, students and students at affordable prices that the quality and immunity of contention are controversial.

8. Tsumori Chisato Với bộ sưu tập “gợi cảm nhưng vẫn vui nhộn và đáng yêu” thương hiệu thời trang Tsumori  Chisato đã làm “mê mệt” không biết bao nhiêu phái đẹp Nhật Bản, và ngày càng phát triển hơn với các cô gái Châu Âu, Mỹ và Châu Á. Sản phẩm Tsumori Chisato mang nhiều sắc thái khác nhau, từ jeans, váy đầm và phụ kiện đều có điểm nhấn tinh tế trong phối màu, họa tiết, tạo ra những tác phẩm nghệ thuật trẻ trung và ấn tượng. 

9. Hello Kitty

Fashion brand for “lovely cats” – Hello Kitty has conquered the hearts of girls pursuing feminine and lovely styles worldwide. Hello Kitty’s clothes are not “dirt bread” but are about feminine combinations, showing the young and sweet of girls. Every set of Hello Kitty clothes catches the trend of the trendy village with an extremely cute cat image. With the affordable price of teenage Hello Kitty is always a fashion brand that is popular with teenage girls in Japan as well as around the world.

10. Honeys

Like its name, the women’s fashion brand Honeys offers women simple designs that are easy to combine, have many applications for work and play. Soft and elegant, can wear many seasons without fear of fashion mistakes of Honeys many girls love. Founded in 1986 in Fukushima Prefecture, the Honeys brand has opened 800 stores in Japan and 400 stores in China, often found at AEON supermarkets around the world.

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