Sailor uniform of Japanese girls

“Sailor uniform” is considered a navy uniform nowadays popular and is considered a Japanese female uniform. This uniform appeared in Japanese animation and comics, so it became famous all over the world.

Sailor uniform “The Japanese schoolgirl’s uniform comes from the military uniform

Costumes with a wide spread collar used as naval outfits are called sailor uniforms. The distinctive wide spread collar, also known as the “sailor collar”, also suggests that the reason people do so is when it is on the deck of the ship, the spread collar will be able to gather. sound wave. (※ There are many different opinions).

From the second half of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, this uniform was widely known around the world, considered a uniform for children or girls. In Japan, there was a school uniform for girls based on these sailor costumes and is widely known around the world as one of Japan’s cultural traits.

Viewed as a school uniform in Japan

There are many different opinions about the origin of a school uniform but it is thought that the starting point was the uniform design worn at Heian Girls’ Academy (Kyoto) in 1920. At that time, this uniform not the current skirt and blouse separators but the instant skirt designs.

The place to start using the separate skirts and skirts often seen in Japan is now thought to be at the Fukuoka Women’s Academy (Fukuoka Prefecture). The person who commissioned the designs was the school’s principal – Elizabeth Leigh. In 1917, sportswear for girls was created based on a sailor uniform pattern circulating in the UK, providing comfort, ease of movement and continuous improvement. Later, Kinjo Academy (Aichi Prefecture) used sailor costumes as uniforms for girls.

One of the reasons that sailor uniform seen as a female uniform may be for example male students will usually wear an army-style uniform. It can be said that during the 1st World War, the idea for girls wearing navy uniforms was the reason why sailor costumes became popular.

Cosplay costumes

Sailor uniform is a unique school uniform in Japan, but along with the appearance of cartoons, comics and school themes, this uniform is more popular around the world.

In recent years, many places have sold these uniforms as a type of Cosplay costume. You can easily buy sailor costumes for Cosplay via the internet, specialty stores or department stores.

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You should also check out the Cosplay events typical of Japanese youth culture. These events are held in many places, but famous places are Tokyo Fashion Town, Tokyo Dome City, Harumi Passenger Terminal, Toshimaen, … In addition, Yoyogi Park is also known as the holy place of Cosplay, there are many Cosplay people organize photo sessions. You can drop by while visiting Tokyo to learn about young people in Sailor Cosplay costumes.

If you “want to see live students in sailor uniforms who often appear in animation”, then try walking around the streets where young people are gathered, such as downtown of Shibuya, …

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