Visit earthquake museum – Admire the Spirit of Japanese people

The play where the sadness display in Kobe

Referring to the Kobe Earthquake Museum, people often think about the loss and pain of Japan once. Because there, you’ll see images of collapsed buildings, swaying lights, fires everywhere, broken trains, highways cracking into two pieces …

But behind those images is the admirable solidarity of a brave nation. The Japanese have rebuilt the country in ruins and rise from their own efforts. Despite all difficulties, the Japanese remain calm, resilient to overcome the disaster and turn the country into one of the largest economies in the world today …

And the resilient spirit of the Japanese to overcome natural disasters

According to Mr. Nakamura, a guide who is over 78 years old said he decided to become a guide of the Kobe Earthquake Museum in order to help people understand the catastrophe brought by natural disasters. “This museum will help you to visualize the whole story of the disaster. These postcards are an example. It was taken shortly after the disaster struck, after the earthquake completely destroyed the city. It was horrible. All systems of houses and bridges have collapsed. Everyone took each other to evacuate. Everywhere you see falling bricks, it’s dangerous, ”Mr. Nakamura recalled.

Not only exhibiting artifacts and memories of the disaster, the Kobe Earthquake Museum also introduces the reconstruction efforts and the will of the Japanese people. Those were the first bricks to rebuild Kobe after the earthquake, newly built houses and even footage of daily life in the city.

Newly built houses and even video footage of daily life in the city

 It is also the confident smiles of the Japanese people and the tears and sweat as they struggle to rebuild their homes.

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