Tip culture in Japan?

               Tipping to the waiters at restaurants is very common and common in many countries around the world but in Japan, if you leave a little “bonus for employees, they may feel offended. But customers are still very anxious and want to thank or show appreciation for the perfect service they enjoy, they have devised a way to leave tips in a very creative and sophisticated way.

     To put it simply, customer service in Japan is so perfect, so wonderful that every visitor to Japan wants to come back a second time. The enthusiastic, sophisticated and meticulous service of Japanese people makes customers absolutely satisfied. And with the motto “Customer is god”, the Japanese really respect and treat customers like a true God.

    Employees in Japan serve customers not because of tips or bonuses from customers, but because Japanese people always do their best, with all their ability and responsibility to ensure that customers Customers are really satisfied with their services and products.

     Perhaps for the people of Japan, the concept of money is slightly different from many other places in the world. They see money as a result of labor, so if you put extra money off the list they will feel insulted because they feel like they are not paid enough so they need a tip.

     Therefore, Japanese service providers will not accept tips from customers. According to them, customer satisfaction is their duty and responsibility. Even Japanese restaurants in foreign countries do not accept customer tips. Tokyo Diner in London recommends that customers don’t tip and any extra money is left to the homeless. New York Riki recently decided not to accept tips and raise prices on menus to pay higher salaries.

      Sometimes money is an insult because the Japanese think that providing services must come from a sincere heart. If you want to show your satisfaction with the service attitude and service quality of the store, please return to support or introduce more friends to enjoy.

     But Japanese people are very polite and value values ​​that want to show their respectful attitude, but cannot give tips. And true style delicate, delicate and Japanese, they leave on the table small gifts are very thankful and express appreciation, encouragement to the waiter. It’s called the Origami Tip, works of art paper folding as containing the heart of the paper folding person. Unlike the practicality of thanking money, this is a beauty in Japanese culture, full of sincerity and warmth.

      In some other countries, when you go to the supermarket without a few cents, the person next to you can take you freely and you can accept and thank them. But that won’t be in Japan. The Japanese don’t like to disturb others, and especially money is a sensitive issue. In Japan, if you want to give someone money, you need to be higher than them.

      If you can wait to get some change back when shopping, nobody will be upset or laugh at you. Even if it is your money, you have the right to do whatever it takes, but the attitude that is considered honorable and disrespectful of that money will be judged bad. Do you show your arrogant attitude to the effort you spend and if you do not appreciate the small, you will not be able to create and bigger ones.

     So the way the Japanese treat money is both careful and rewarding.

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