Cosplay trend among young Japanese


Young people in Japan are now very popular in cosplay and have become a trend not only in Japan but also in many other countries.

The name cosplay is the name given by the Japanese, which stands for “custume play”. Cosplayers, sometimes called cosplayers, learn to dress and makeup to resemble an actual or unreal character. In Japan, there are many cosplay societies operating in everything from participating in festivals to product PRs or TV commercials.

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Cosplay originated from the United States, in fictional film festivals featuring costumes dressed as characters from the film. This film festival spread to many countries including Japan. Cosplay is considered the first in Japan when a group dressed like a character from the Barsoom story. Later cosplaying prevailed in Japan with many cosplayers dressed up as astounding.


Some people think that just cosplay means cosplay, this is not entirely true in Japan. Cosplay in Japan refers to people dressed up in imitation of a certain character, be it a soccer player, the president of the United States, or maybe a bogus character in anime and manga. If you cosplay but not same with any character, you shouldn’t be considered cosplay.

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Cosplay in Japan is very popular, many big brands advertising products also hire cosplayers to PR for their products. The cult must mention many gaming companies that hire cosplay prominently, which leads to many gossip. In addition, the trend of cosplaying in Japan is more in favor of popular manga and anime. A lot of cosplayers are otaku and they often hold cosplay shows that attract a lot of attendees both at home and abroad. Cosplayers come to cosplay just because of their passion, but now with that passion, cosplayers can also earn extra income through closing advertisements and organizing regular cosplay sessions.

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