Interesting things about Ehomaki long sushi

sushi cuộn dài Ehomaki

Surely for those who understand and love Japanese culture, they probably know about Ehomaki long sushi. This is a dish that Japanese people usually eat on February 3 (before the Spring Day). So what is so interesting about Ehomaki sushi?

Ehomaki is a sushi roll eaten in the luckiest direction of the year on Setsubun (meaning “separating the seasons” and in Japan, spring is always the most important). It is said that you can fulfill your desire by eating immediately without having to say a word when eating. This is one of the cultures called Japan. Ehomaki long-roll sushi is also produced in ordinary households in Japan, but there are many types of products sold at different stores, so you can buy them there.

sushi cuộn dài Ehomaki

Interesting stories about the introduction of Ehomaki long sushi

– Theory 1:

At the end of the Edo period, merchants in Osaka began to eat 幸運 巻 寿司 (koun makisushi), which is a lucky sushi roll on the day before the Spring Festival with the desire to have a good business and eliminate bad luck.

– Theory 2:

Japanese wartime activist Toyotomi Hidetoshi and Horio Yoshiharu on the day before the Spring Festival had finished eating a dish like seaweed rolls and went to battle. The battle that day the two of them won.

However, it was not until the Edo period that the leaf-shaped seaweed used to roll it, so this theory was considered not very practical.

– Theory 3:

In the 1800s, on the Feces Day, in Osaka the people of the village gathered and ate sushi rolls. In order not to have to cut them, they ate the whole thing and this tradition was born.

How to eat sushi long rolls Ehomaki

Basically, there are three ways to eat an Ehomaki roll without biting it.

– Method 1: Go to the direction of luck of the year (Eho) and eat without looking to the side.

– Method 2: Eat silently

It is important to eat silently from the beginning to the time you finish eating without saying a word. It is often said that luck comes out when you talk, but there are many people who eat with their eyes closed or laughing.

– Method 3: Eat at the same time

Must eat immediately without leaving the mouth. If you release your mouth when eating you will lose luck. But if Ehomaki is too long you can still eat it slowly as long as you don’t leave your mouth.

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