What is pachinko?

pachinko nhat ban

Pachinko is a game that Japanese people often play for entertainment. This game has 2 types: Pachinko Pinball and Pachinko Solt. This game is designed inside a box that looks quite like an ATM. Players use a ball (pinball) or a coin (solt) to play.

trung tâm pachinko

How to play Pachinko?

pinball pachinko

How to play pachinko is very simple. With pinball style, you play like pinball. You will have to buy marbles to play, the price of a very cheap marble is only 4 yen / piece. You put the ball in the machine, then the ball will be pushed into the queue. A marble will be dropped onto the table and the player must control two “poles” to push the marbles into the reward points. How to play simple but not easy.

máy chơi pachinko solt

 As for playing solt, you use coins to play. The price of a penny is only 4 yen. There will usually be 3 squares standing next to each other. In the squares there will be images that run very fast, your task is to press the button. When you press the button, the first box will stop, press the second is the second cell and the third is the last cell. If all 3 boxes have the same picture, you win. If all 3 boxes produce 7, then you win the jackpot.

Play pachinko if you win you will have some coins and marbles can be exchanged for money or exchange gifts at pachinko store. Pachinko is very popular in Japan, there are many big centers dedicated to those who want to play pachinko. Many Japanese play pachinko not only for entertainment but also to make money. Of course, making money from pachinko will not be rich, so do not try because you may be out of money before making money from pachinko.

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