Education system in Japan

General education in Japan includes: elementary (grade 1 – grade 6), junior high school (grade 7 – grade 9), high school (grade 10 – grade 12), all are 12 years.

  International students coming to Japan have the ability to enroll in 5 types of schools:

Technical school: the school specializes in technical subjects.

Vocational school: vocational training for students without cultural training.

College: training for about 3 years.

University: cultural and specialized training takes longer than colleges about 4 years.

Postgraduate: for masters and doctoral systems.

As in Vietnam, the national, public and private schools are clearly divided by the Japanese government. The above training period does not include 1 year of Japanese language study before the official enrollment.

Obligatory education

 In elementary and junior high schools, compulsory education includes all children of Japanese nationality who are required to go to school and graduate. Education in Japan is considered an obligation for Japanese citizens. However, children of foreign nationality between the ages of 6 and 15 years old living in Japan regardless of nationality, if they wish, can attend local elementary and junior high schools. are living at the same cost as children in Japan without discrimination. This is quite favorable for those studying abroad and settling in Japan. Parents should think and consider the future of their children seriously

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The majority of children in Japan after graduating from junior high school go on to high school and university. In high school and university, in principle, students who want to study will take the entrance exam and enter.

In addition, in Japan, there is a kindergarten for children before going to primary school. In addition, there are specialized and general schools that teach the techniques and knowledge necessary to work for those who have graduated from lower secondary and upper secondary schools.

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